Itronix Solutions: Advanced Java Quiz Answers With Certificate [Free]

Itronix Solutions: Advanced Java Quiz Answers With Certificate: ✅🎓🥇 If you want to test your Advanced Java knowledge by answering these tricky Java Quiz Questions for experience then you are at the right place. Java is a very different kind of language with lots of complex things and it requires time to master it, but quizzes of Advanced Java by Itronix Solutions will be useful to take a short revision with these 15 questions. I have also mentioned their correct answers so that if you find any difficulty then you can take the help of this.

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Itronix Solutions: Advanced Java Quiz Answers With Certificate [Free]

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Itronix Solutions: Advanced Java Quiz Answers

Itronix Solutions: Advanced Java Quiz Answers

1. What is a primitive data type in Java ?

  • A method to represent values ??that are so useful that they are an integral part of the language.
  • An easy way to represent numbers.
  • The part of Java that matches the older programming languages.
  • A data type that can not be used as part of an object.

2. How many objects of a given class can be constructed in a program?

  • Only one object is constructed per run.
  • As many as the program requires.
  • Only one per class.
  • One object per variable.

3. What is a reference to an object?

  • One of the methods of the object.
  • One of the variables of the object.
  • Data where the object can be found.
  • A place in a program that creates the object.

4. Does every variable in Java need a data type?

  • No – only numeric variables need a data type.
  • No – a data type is optional.
  • Yes – all variables are of the same data type.
  • Yes – every variable must be declared with its data type.

5. Suppose a particular data item does not use a primitive data type. What does it have to be?

  • An object.
  • A number.
  • A literal.
  • A Boolean element.

6. How many alternatives are there for a single if-else statement?

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4

7. In which of the following situations will most likely no counting loop be used?

  • Addition of the numbers between 0 and hundred.
  • Output of a table with Fahrenheit and its corresponding Celsius values.
  • Prompt the user until a correct entry has been made.
  • Ten-time output of the computer sound signal.

8. Which of the following is a reserved word ?

  • apple
  • 7up
  • grandtotal
  • boolean

9. What method of a content pane changes its background color?

  • setBackground (Color c)
  • setForeground (Color c)
  • add ()
  • getBackground ()

10. Which method will the program end immediately?

  • System.gc ()
  • System.exit (0)
  • System.setErr ()
  • return ()

11. What kind of object determines how GUI components are arranged in a content area?

  • The layer organizer.
  • The Layout Programmer.
  • The layout manager.
  • The Frame Positioner.

12. Can the program put text in JTextField?

  • No, only the user can enter text.
  • Yes, by using one JLabel.
  • Yes, by setEditable()using.
  • Yes, by setText()using.

13. Which is the class for swing labels?

  • JLabel
  • label
  • SLable
  • label

14. Which method is used JTextFieldto read text from one ?

  • readText()
  • getText()
  • getString()
  • putText()

15. What is an expression ?

  • The same as a statement.
  • An expression is a list of instructions that make up a program.
  • An expression is a combination of literals, operators, variables, and parentheses to calculate a value.
  • An expression is a number that is expressed in numbers.

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