Analytics Academy: Google Analytics Course With FREE Certificate

This is another free course by google and in this Analytics Academy review I will share all the details that you must know before enrolling in the course and start learning new stuffs for free.

You can find hundreds of course for free about the Google analytics where they promises to provide the value content but they fails to do because either they don’t have sufficient knowledge or lack of time or any reason.

But how good if you get a chance to learn these things for free from expert along with a certificate at no cost with full knowledge and practical.

Yes, you heard it right in this course you will get these things for free from the people who are expert in this industry.

Benefits of Analytics Academy

  • Full knowledge of Google Analytics
  • Experts will guide you
  • Free certification
  • No card or payment required
  • 100% FREE
  • No hidden charges

Analytics Academy Course Details

This course is to get you through the Google Analytics platform. Google analytics is a platform where you can watch the report of all the visitors visiting on your site with full details and useful graphs.

It is a bit complicated for the newbies to learn about Google Analytics after all it is a huge platform with lots of facilities which is not easy for everyone to know.

Analytics Academy Google Analytics Course With Certificate By Google
Analytics Academy Google Analytics Course With Certificate By Google

1. Analytics Academy

This is divided into 3 subsections where in one section you will earn certificate while others are for learning new stuffs. Those subsections are:

  • Google Analytics Individual Qualification
  • Discover the Next Generation of Google Analytics
  • Achieve Tagging Excellence

In these modules you will learn things from basic to advanced about the Google Analytics. It includes planning and principles, Implementation and data collection, etc.

You will also be taken through the latest generation Google Analytics where you can take your measurement study.

How To Enroll In Analytics Academy FREE Course?

Click Here Go to course page > Click on Log In

Sign in with google account > Choose your account

Accept Terms of Service > Continue

A quick information about the course will be displayed on the next screen

Now choose your course and start Learning.

What Are The Requirements?

Requirements to enroll in the Analytics Academy course is very simple everything is straightforward.

  • An active Google account
  • A web browser to watch course content
  • Good internet connection
  • A device (Mobile/Computer)

Analytics Academy Review FAQ

What payment methods are required to enroll in Google Ads Course?

No payment method is required it is absolutely free for every users who has a Google Account.

WillI get certificate?

Yes, you will get certificate for all the courses mentioned above at the end of the course when you pass the final exam.

What is the cost of certificate?

All these courses are free for everyone and you don’t need to pay anything.

My Opinion On Course of Analytics Academy Review

If you are a blogger or digital marketer and running blogs then my recommendation is to enroll in this course as soon as possible after all you are going to gain tons of premium knowledge for free.

I have also watched this course and it helped me to learn many new stuffs which I was not aware about, but now I know something new for which now I can charge other to teach the same thing.


I hope this Analytics Academy Review article would be useful for you to grab some extra ordinary knowledge. It is free so don’t forget to let your close friends know about this awesome program by google.

Happy Learning!

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