Avanti Nagral Break Up Internet Flooded With Memes

Avanti Nagral Break Up: A popular YouTuber Avanti Nagral recently uploaded a video “he broke up with me 💔 (NOT clickbait)” on her YouTube channel where she discussed about break up with her boyfriend. In reply to the video Samay Raina commented a very funny thing that viewers are enjoying in a funny way.

Audience are fun of that video that these are the tactics to earn money by sharing emotional fake break up stories. You can watch that video by clicking the play button

Samay Raina said that “Eyyy Avanti don’t be disheartened, just think about the ad revenue this video will get“. This is actually true at some point because many people perform these tactics to earn Money and popularity.

What’s your opinion about the Avanti Nagral Break Up story. Is her intentions not to earn money or she is really sharing her expression through the video.

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