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Campaign manager 360 Certification Exam Answers

  1. You’re working with a clothing distributor who’s launching a new line of scarves. They’re running ads across mobile web and in-app inventory.
  2. You’re about to open a new online store for your art supplies business. You’re ready to use mobile in-app advertising and want to be sure these can send visitors to the in-app landing page for the new online store.
  3. A client would like to better understand how Campaign Manager 360 works.
  4. Within Campaign Manager 360, what are the components of each account?
  5. An agency represents a photography accessories dealer as a client. The dealer is ready to set up a campaign within Campaign Manager 360, with their network just created.
  6. Your client wants to set transcoding for their upcoming campaign that includes in-stream video creatives.
  7. A manager at an advertising agency works with several clients across different categories.
  8. You’d like to find out how many visitors shopped on your website every day last month, and you’d like to have this spreadsheet emailed to you.
  9. You’re about to present an ad campaign to a client and want to include the core platform integrations in Campaign Manager 360 as part of the pitch.
  10. A marketing manager for a German food brand is finalizing the campaign for a new product launch.
  11. A streaming services startup wants to make sure their ad is streamed in one country, but not another for brand safety considerations.
  12. A new art supplies store client has begun a campaign to promote how-to-paint videos with a downloadable promotion. They’re using a counter tag as one of their Floodlight tags in Campaign Manager 360.
  13. An apparel company is launching a baseball uniform line and wants to advertise their video ads within baseball game inventory.
  14. What technology can help an advertiser serve ads that work well for both desktop and mobile platforms?
  15. Your colleague works with a pet food client who is running an in-stream video campaign through Campaign Manager 360. They’re wondering when they should activate default ad placements.
  16. An athletic shoes retailer is ready to use Campaign Manager 360. They’d like to start advertising across mobile platforms, with a focus on smartphones.
  17. One of the high-priority webpages a marketer’s ads serve to has content on it that she’s unsure is right for her brand.
  18. After looking over a report in Campaign Manager 360 about a client’s new campaign, you observe that the default ads run more frequently than the new ads for the campaign.
  19. You’ve begun a video campaign to promote your grocery-delivery startup. Most of the information you want an audience to be aware of begins at the half-minute mark, so you’d like to know if they’ve viewed that information.
  20. A fitness equipment company is setting up their campaign and is ready to upload creatives to be hosted in Campaign Manager 360.
  21. Which positions at an agency would you expect to use Campaign Manager 360?
  22. A high-end A/V accessories store is ready to begin their latest ad campaign.
  23. While creating a campaign with your client they ask you what Floodlight tags can do within their campaign.
  24. During website conversions, you’d like to find out which billing postal codes users entered.
  25. When looking within Campaign Manager 360 at a campaign what components would you find?
  26. A marketer is expanding an ad campaign for a tea shop with the help of new creatives.
  27. Your colleague has a campaign running across multiple platforms including mobile web, mobile app, and desktop web. When they review their campaign, they notice that mobile-specific metrics aren’t appearing.
  28. An agency’s client, a hair care products company, has just launched a new line of shampoos for children.
  29. You’ve been running a campaign for your bottled water company across mobile phones, tablets, and desktops. You’d like to figure out which devices your ads have appeared.
  30. You’ve worked with your client to develop a video campaign. When you’re ready to begin the campaign, only the companion ads are ready to serve.
  31. What’s the definition of Campaign Manager 360?
  32. Your office supply products client wants to launch an app for their new online retail store and would like to offer a special sale for people who download the app in-store. Your client also wants the website traffic sent to their mobile site, then have the traffic directed to the store for the sale.
  33. Your colleague is working with a client looking to advertise within multiple iOS sports applications. After creating the campaign in Campaign Manager 360 and assigning creatives, there’s an error occurring.
  34. You’re working with your client, a hiking goods retailer, on the launch of a new backpack. You choose to use the Attribution Modeling Tool to make sure that you’re properly crediting each step of the customer journey that helped them to buy the backpack.
  35. An agency is building a mobile ad campaign with their client who wants their ads to serve to a current-generation browser.
  36. Your agency just acquired a new client, a chain of import automotive dealers across different regions. To help get things started, you’ll need to set up their Campaign Manager 360 network so they’re able to separate each dealer location while also having a comprehensive view of their company.
  37. Where in the Google Marketing Platform can you manage connections across its products?
  38. An agency account manager has set up separate child advertisers for a client, a party supplies store.
  39. You’d like to share video campaign metrics with your business partners. You plan to show them the number of times people stop their video ad and the number of times people restart their video ad.
  40. Your client, a game developer, is creating a new educational game aimed for preteens and is almost ready to launch. They want to be sure their display ads only show in locations in line with your brand.
  41. A workout clothing retail chain wants to place ads for a mobile campaign that focuses on reaching mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.
  42. A realtor would like to add a 1280×720 MP4 video ad placement to their new In-Stream Video campaign.
  43. You’re working with an online car rental agency on a new ad campaign. They use Campaign Manager 360 and want to use a Google solution to measure app conversions. They’re comfortable with coding.
  44. Your client wants to run their sneaker campaign across three different sports publishers, each with different video creative specifications. One accepts 300×250 only companion ads, one requires VAST and vPaid tags, and the third hasn’t sent specifications.
  45. A marketer is scheduling creatives for their upcoming campaign in Campaign Manager 360.
  46. You want to figure out users’ ability to view their video ads. Which Campaign Manager 360 metric will allow you this insight?
  47. In which scenario will you use the video impressions or video starts metric within Campaign Manager 360?
  48. Your home decor client wants to start running mobile ads within their current campaign. Some creatives are already mobile-optimized and may be already appearing across mobile websites.
  49. You’re building an ad campaign for a photography supply store, and they’ve prepared many different creatives for their campaign.
  50. You want to expand your ad campaign into video ads using Campaign Manager 360.

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