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Display & Video 360 Certification Exam Answers

  1. Which statement about mobile in-app and mobile web inventory is correct?
  2. You want to check your client’s Brand Lift Study (BLS) in Display & Video 360 after recently launching a Programmatic Guaranteed deal for their new audio ads. You review the report and see the campaign spent the minimum BLS thresholds, but the campaign didn’t receive significant results.
  3. You recently completed a campaign promoting a new product and you need to evaluate its success. You’ll use an attribution model to assign attribution credit across various touchpoints, such as clicks and impressions. But you also want to give more credit to the touchpoints that happened closest to the time of conversion.
  4. You work for a sport apparel company that’s launching a new sneaker collection. You want to advertise it specifically to people who interacted with your previous campaign.
  5. You’re working on a campaign and want to change the end date for multiple line items. You decide to make bulk edits using structured data files (SDFs).
  6. You need to reach several specific audiences for the YouTube connected TV campaign that you’re running for your client.
  7. You work for an athletic shoe company that funds sporting events in four different countries. Your company wants to deliver country-specific ads that are viewed in the correct location.
  8. A national bridal chain created a specific audience within Display & Video 360. This will be used in a campaign customized for wedding planners. They don’t want this audience seeing the ad more than twice per month.
  9. Your colleague created a line item in Display & Video 360 for their clients’ mobile web campaign and targeted mobile in-app by mistake. They went in and removed the mobile in-app targeting at the insertion order level, but the campaign is still targeting mobile in-app.
  10. As a marketer, you need to set up universal brand controls in Display & Video 360 to ensure that everything aligns with your company’s brand guidelines.
  11. You’re working on a new campaign and want to optimize bids based on a single conversion type.
  12. Your new colleague is working on a large outerwear campaign and wants to use structured data files (SDFs) to update some details. They ask you to check why they’re getting an error message when they upload everything to Display & Video 360.
  13. A book publisher is releasing the newest novel from a well-known author and is creating four unique 30-second videos to promote the book. They’ve tasked you to identify which ad viewers watch to the end most often.
  14. You’re preparing a report on campaign metrics. Within Display & Video 360, where can you find information about the number of mobile views your ad has received?
  15. You’re launching a campaign for a national bakery chain that’s opening next weekend. They’re willing to pay extra to advertise on the homepage of various local news stations, but want the flexibility to back out if it rains on their opening day.
  16. What distinguishes blocklists from sensitive categories?
  17. During an analysis of your connected TV campaign within Display & Video 360 you want to see the total number of engaged users.
  18. Your colleague is working on their first non-YouTube Connected TV campaign and wants to set up the campaign the right way.
  19. You’re working with a new tea company and want to quickly check impression levels for their latest campaign.
  20. In preparing for the launch of a new jewelry line, you need to find a relevant publisher with space on their website for your ad.
  21. What would you use the Intelligence Panel for in Display & Video 360?
  22. You have the winning bid at a second-price auction for inventory at $12.00. The second-highest bidder bids $8.00.
  23. You need to report on the number of times users visit your site after seeing or engaging with one of your ads.
  24. Your outerwear company recently launched a Programmatic Guaranteed deal. The campaign was set to go live this morning, but when monitoring Display & Video 360 you observe that no impressions ran and no spend was recorded. You decide to use the Deal Troubleshooter to figure out what the problem is.
  25. In which situation would you use data-driven creatives with dynamic rules?
  26. In Display & Video 360, which creative dimensions are most frequently available for mobile in-app inventory?
  27. Your client wants to focus on a specific media outlet to promote their new line of smart refrigerators. They also want to achieve a fixed number of impressions within the kitchen appliances section of the publisher’s site.
  28. How can you perform a bulk creatives upload in Display & Video 360?
  29. You’re working on a non-guaranteed deal, and your colleague recommends bidding 20% higher than the floor price.
  30. Your company launched a Programmatic Guaranteed deal for a specialty foods business last week. You notice while reviewing impressions that it underdelivered.
  31. A clothing company wants to know how many shoppers who first saw their ad on a mobile app ended up purchasing clothing using their personal tablet.
  32. Which format requires that publishers set up their ad creative to reflect their site’s look and feel?
  33. Your client is launching a new generation of mobile phones. The client has a separate display ad for each of the three models and wants to show the ad that leads to the most purchases more often than the other two models not performing as well.
  34. You’re setting up a Programmatic Guaranteed deal that must include YouTube video ads and a campaign activity audience list. You’re unable to add to add the campaign activity audience to the campaign.
  35. You’re running a campaign for your client’s shapewear products. It includes many Programmatic Guaranteed deals that are frequency managed at the campaign level. While monitoring your deals in Display & Video 360, you notice one of these deals recently passed on 10,000 bid requests.
  36. At what level in the account settings can you manage frequency across multiple publishers within Programmatic Guaranteed deals?
  37. Which statement accurately summarizes the options you have for customizing your attribution models?
  38. You’re preparing a new campaign for a global textile manufacturer, using engaging creative formats. You need to select a tool that has templates to allow direct upload of creatives to Display & Video 360.
  39. You work for a music production company and are creating a new audio ad campaign for an album release. You’re having an issue with the campaign and need to identify the cause.
  40. You’re setting up a Connected TV campaign and are concerned about security.
  41. A department store wants to enhance their campaign for shoppers who spend the most money and have the best transaction return on ad spend.
  42. Your client wants to promote a new line of high-end watches with interchangeable faux-leather watch straps. Their ad should be shown to those looking to purchase this type of watch.
  43. In which scenario does it make sense to use Inventory Packages?
  44. Which users would benefit from using Display & Video 360?
  45. Several native video ads will be used to advertise a new summer fragrance.
  46. A company is launching a campaign for a new gaming computer, aiming to reach teens and young adults between 13-26 years old. They’d like to understand their campaign exposure for that demographic by using a Display & Video 360 feature to see these metrics.
  47. Who should begin the deal negotiation for exchanges integrated with deal sync?
  48. A furniture manufacturer is launching a new summer campaign for their latest outdoor furniture collection. They want to increase their sales by creating an immersive 3D format that uses their existing 3D furniture models.
  49. Your colleague is the highest bidder, at $15, in a fixed first-price auction for inventory across exchanges within Display & Video 360.
  50. If an advertiser participates in a private auction and their bid isn’t the highest, what happens?

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