FREE Data Science & Cognitive Computing Courses (AI, Cloud Computing, and many more) With Certificate

The Internet is full of resources where some are paid & some are free. For your ease here I have brought some FREE Data Science & Cognitive Computing Courses where you can learn computer and technology-related things and also get free certificates after completing the courses.

The stuff that you will learn here is Data Science, Cognitive Computing Courses, AI, Cloud Computing, Containers, Kubernetes, Blockchain, Serverless, Docker, Quantum, and much more absolutely free at https://cognitiveclass.ai/.

You might be thinking when there is already where many free courses are available such as the Udemy Free Courses. Then Why this what is the special with this.

Why Learn With Cognitive Class?

  • Free Certificates & Badges: You can show it to someone who wants proof that you know this, you have acquired these skills by yourself.
  • 100% Free: All the courses available here are free of cost and don’t require anything.
  • Improve Your Skills: You get lots of things to learn and build your career with the skills employers seek.
Why To Learn With Cognitive Class?

How does Cognitive Computing Courses Works?

The Procedure of getting certification and badges are pretty simple, First of all, select your learning path > Complete courses > earn badges > download your badges & certificates.

That’s all

How Cognitive Class Works?

How To Enroll For The Courses At Cognitive Class?

  • Click Here To visit the course page
  • Click On Register
  • Finish the registration process
  • Once everything is done all the free courses will be displayed to you
  • Tap On Start courses to start learning
  • Watch till the end and attend the final exam to get certified

You can download this and keep it with yourself for ever


I hope this article would be useful for you to gain a free certificate by Cognitive Class, if this article helped you in any way then make sure to share it on social media and let them know about this amazing free certification course as it can help them to earn some knowledge as well. You can access more free courses with certifications on our website.

Happy Learning!

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