FREE Google Marketing Platform Premium Course With Certificate

This is a free couse by Google of Google Marketing Platform where you can get a certificate of it along with tons of FREE knowledge that many internet influencers charges hundreds or thousands of dollars.

In this article I will share my Google Marketing Platform Review and full details along with the joining link so it becomes easier for you to get enrolled in the course easily in very less time.

Time is money is very critical to gain and use it effectively and everything will go in vain if you misuse these. That’s why to help you utilizing your time for doing best works and gain some skills for free in free time.

In this Google Marketing Platform Review article I will let you know everything about this course in details.

Benefits of Google Marketing Platform

  • Free course
  • Free certificate
  • No Card Required
  • Use these skills for Freelancing
  • You can make money
  • Other People charges $500 – $1,000 for these knowledge

Google Marketing Platform Course Details

For your better understanding these programs are divided into many other sections and subsections which are very much useful for learning and when it is divided it reduces the pressure and gives a piece of mind.

FREE Google Marketing Platform Premium Course by Google With Certificate
FREE Google Marketing Platform Premium Course by Google With Certificate

Let’s explore each sections one by one and learn something new.

1. Google Marketing Platform Certification Exam

  • Search Ads 360 Certification Exam
  • Campaign Manager Certification Exam
  • Creative Certification Exam
  • Display & Video 360 Certification Exam
  • Google Analytics Individual Qualification

2. Display & Video 360

  • Power Your Media Plan with Display & Video 360
  • Design compelling creatives
  • Display & Video 360 Brand Controls Basics
  • Optimize your Display & Video 360 campaign

3. Search Ads 360

  • Learn the Value of Search Ads 360
  • Manage campaigns in Search Ads 360
  • Optimize performance in Search Ads 360
  • Search Ads 360 Basics
  • Search Ads 360 Mobile Basics

4. Campaign Manager

  • Get Started With Campaign Manager
  • Brand controls for Campaign Manager
  • Campaign Manager Brand Controls Basics

5. Creatives

  • Explore the Power of Creatives With Google Marketing Platform
  • Studio Basics

6. Google Web Designer

  • Make Impactful Creatives with Google Web Designer
  • Google Web Designer Basics
  • Recording- What’s new with Google Web Designer?

7. Programmatic concepts

  • Buy ad space in real time
  • Get your ad where it gets results
  • Keep them coming back with remarketing
  • Track conversions to improve performance

8. Certified Google Marketing Platform Partners Education

  • Design Successful Cross-Stack Architecture

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How To Enroll In Google Marketing Platform FREE Course?

Click Here Go to course page > Click on Log In

Sign in with google account > Choose your account

Accept Terms of Service > Continue

A quick information about the course will be displayed on the next screen

Now choose your course and start Learning.

What Are The Requirements?

Requirements are not much tough that you can’t get to arrange. Everything is simple and easy to do if you are worried about the Google Marketing Platform course requirements then please remove all those tensions.

  • An active Google account
  • A web browser to watch course content
  • Good internet connection
  • A device (Mobile/Computer)

Google Marketing Platform Review FAQ

What payment methods are required to enroll in Google Ads Course?

No payment method is required it is absolutely free for every users who has a Google Account.

WillI get certificate?

Yes, you will get certificate for all the courses mentioned above at the end of the course when you pass the final exam.

What is the cost of certificate?

All these courses are free for everyone and you don’t need to pay anything.

My Opinion On Course of Google Marketing Platform Review

In my experience I suggest you to enroll in this course and gain some new skills by professionals absolutely free and I’m sure it will worth your time.

I have also watched this course and it helped me a lot to learn new things that I was not aware till now, suppose if it is not useful for you then what are you going to lose you are just utilizing your free time and I don’t think all the stuffs you will learn will be wasted.


I hope this article would be useful for you to learn something new from this Google Marketing Platform review. If it helped you then don’t forget to share it with your friends who is spending their time just in useless tasks.

Happy Learning!

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