Google Ads Apps Certification Exam Answers [Updated]

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Google Ads Apps Certification Assessment Answers

Google Ads Apps Certification Exam Answers [Updated]

Prepare for the certification (Optional)

Knowledge Check Assessment Answers (13 Questions)

1. Select two reasons why a finance company might invest in app promotion.
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  1. To help users discover the app
  2. To increase user engagement with the app
  3. To drive phone calls to customer service
  4. To determine if the app is useful

2. How do Google App campaigns help both marketers and users?
Select the best answer.

  1. By delivering a relevant ad to the right user at the right time
  2. By delivering relevant ads to users on YouTube
  3. By delivering as many ads as possible to the same user throughout the day
  4. By delivering ads to as many users as possible

3. An education company is preparing to run a marketing campaign for their app. Identify three factors the company should consider when determining the objectives for their upcoming campaign.

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  1. Business goals
  2. App-specific goals
  3. Stage of app maturity
  4. Competitor strategy

4. Why is conversion tracking critical for Google App campaigns?
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  1. Data captured with conversion tracking powers the machine learning that’s at the heart of Google App campaigns
  2. Conversion tracking provides insights that help shape push notifications for your apps
  3. Conversion tracking enables you to understand individual user preferences
  4. Data captured with conversion tracking can be used to target specific users

5. When setting up a new App campaign, which three settings must be made at the campaign level?
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  1. Budget, language, location
  2. Ad formats, budget, location
  3. Ad formats, budget, language
  4. Ad formats, language, location

6. Why is it important for a travel app like YourAdventure to create themed ad groups for specific offerings such as culinary experiences, guided hikes, and architectural tours?
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  1. Ad groups with specific themes are used to create and deliver relevant ads to travelers with different interests
  2. Ad groups target users based on their past travel history
  3. Ad groups allow a marketer to set different budgets for each theme

7. Which three of the following skills do marketers bring to the table when working with machine learning?
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  1. Strategy
  2. Goal-setting
  3. Creativity
  4. Efficiency

8. Your manager is questioning the need for you to spend time on your new Google App campaign, since “machine learning is doing everything.” What are three things you can tell your manager you’re doing to guide the campaign?

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  1. Provide the system with ample, meaningful data and the time to process it
  2. Keep an eye on strategy and objectives, evolving them over time as needed
  3. Create helpful boundaries for the system to work within by setting a thoughtful bid and budget
  4. Make adjustments to the campaign in reaction to hourly fluctuations in performance

9. You’ve just been assigned to oversee an App campaign that was launched two months ago. You learn that the assets have never been updated. Which two of the following actions should you take?

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  1. Review the campaign’s existing assets to see if there are assets of enough types and sizes for good ad coverage, and whether the existing assets meet the recommended standards for quality
  2. Use the asset report to see which assets are low-performing and gradually swap them out for new ones
  3. Review the asset report, but wait another month before taking action – it’s too soon to know how well the existing assets are performing
  4. Review the asset report as a frame of reference, then immediately remove all existing assets and start fresh with new ones

10. You’re running an App campaign for OneStop, an international clothing retailer, and you’re trying to follow best practices for your measurement strategy. Which three questions should you be focused on answering?

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  1. Are view-through conversions being measured and valued appropriately?
  2. How are users moving between OneStop’s app and web properties?
  3. Which of OneStop’s app users have the highest long-term value?
  4. How effective is deep linking at getting new users to install the OneStop app?

11. You’re running an App campaign for news publisher World News Online. Choose two reasons why you should care about the quality of World News Online’s listing on Google Play.

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Select All Correct Responses

  1. Information on the Play listing page is used as creative assets in App campaigns
  2. A high-quality listing will encourage downloads by users from the App campaign
  3. World News Online customers have higher expectations than the average user
  4. Information on the Play listing page is used for App push notifications.

12. You’re working with a productivity app that is considering expansion outside of the US into LATAM. Besides translating the app into relevant languages, which three steps should you take before launching in new markets?

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  1. Research specific market culture and productivity tool usage in LATAM
  2. Customize the app’s UX and expand payment methods relevant to LATAM
  3. Research device usage and connectivity within LATAM
  4. Launch the app in LATAM before translations are complete, to test the market

Google Ads Apps Certification Exam Answers

Pass the assessment and earn a certification (Complete Required)

Total Questions49
Pass %70% or More
RetakeAfter 24hr
Pause ExamNo

Google Ads Apps Certification Assessment Answers

1. Naomi wants to promote her app with Google Ads, but has multiple campaign goals. What action should she take when promoting an app with multiple goals in an App campaign?

  1. Focus on one goal at a time.
  2. Create a separate campaign for each goal.
  3. Include all goals within one campaign.
  4. Create multiple ad groups for each goal.

2. Emma is creating a new Google App campaign and working on her ad assets. Which of the following asset types is she required to manually add?

  1. Various images
  2. A final URL
  3. Headline and description text
  4. A demonstration video

3. Tina’s an experienced account manager who enjoys overseeing the details of her Google Ads campaigns. She struggles with leaving the majority of campaign management to machine learning in App campaigns. What’s a valid reason for Tina to rely on machine learning instead of doing everything manually?

  1. Machine learning will perform better when it comes to designing creatives.
  2. Machine learning will let her be promoted to director quickly.
  3. Machine learning will let her use the same audiences she’s identified as correct in the past.
  4. Machine learning will save a significant amount of time and effort for other tasks.

4. Which statement is true regarding Conversions in a Google App campaign?

  1. They describe when a user leaves a review about the app on the app listing.
  2. They’re specific events that matter most to a business.
  3. They’re the total number of users who have installed the app.
  4. They’re any action a user performs when using the app.

5. In Google Search campaigns, Jenny routinely replaces low performing ads, but knows Google App campaign best practices are different.

For her Google App campaign, how often should Jenny replace low-performing assets with new and improved ones to prevent ad fatigue?

  1. Every two to three days.
  2. Every month.
  3. Every week.
  4. Every two to three months.

6. What are two ways to achieve creative excellence in Google App campaigns? (Choose two.)
Select All Correct Responses

  1. Introduce one asset type at a time, to eventually identify which type works best.
  2. Improve and optimize the asset mix based on insights from the asset report.
  3. Follow best practices for uploading a diverse and comprehensive asset mix.
  4. Invest a lot of time reviewing the assets being used by similar businesses.

7. Sally’s historically spent a lot of time in Google Ads making small changes to her campaigns, instead of focusing on higher level marketing strategy.

What are two ways machine learning helps reduce the time she’ll spend in her Google App campaign? (Choose two.)

Select All Correct Responses

  1. Machine learning can create combinations of assets to deliver a relevant ad to the right user.
  2. Machine learning can analyze many signals to determine the right audience for her ad.
  3. Machine learning can review competitor performance to optimize campaigns.
  4. Machine learning can apply industry insights to optimize campaigns.

8. What are two reasons advertisers should consider engagement when marketing apps? Select All Correct Responses

  1. Apps can be accidentally uninstalled.
  2. Users who haven’t yet downloaded an app might need extra incentive.
  3. A significant percentage of app users churn after three months.
  4. Some users download apps and then forget about them.

9. Which three statements about machine learning are true? (Choose three.)
Select All Correct Responses

  1. Machine learning can become more efficient and accurate over time.
  2. Machine learning is a way of effectively summarizing large amounts of data.
  3. Machine learning happens when computers analyze and recognize patterns in huge amounts of data.
  4. Machine learning means computers don’t need to be explicitly programmed or told what to do.
  5. Machine learning will eventually develop to a level where it can replace advertisers entirely.

10. In which two scenarios would it make sense for the advertiser to run a campaign focused on in-app actions? (Choose two.)

Select All Correct Responses

  1. A travel app looking to increase their user base by 50% in the next six months.
  2. An entertainment app provides unlimited video views to users.
  3. A dating app earns $50 in revenue every time an app user upgrades to Premium level.
  4. A banking app knows those who use the app to deposit checks are more likely to remain loyal customers.

11. Before investing in paid media, a fitness company wants to determine how its new app fits into their overall marketing strategy. Which two questions should the company consider? (Choose two.)

Select All Correct Responses

  1. What impact would a successful app have on the business?
  2. What unique purpose does the app provide customers?
  3. How many fitness videos were downloaded last year from paid app promotion?
  4. How do app users perceive the fitness brand?

12. Robert’s about to start creating an HTML5 asset for his Google App campaign. According to HTML5 asset best practices, what should be included before the HTML5 ad plays?

  1. A simplistic graphic of the app’s title, to help spark curiosity in potential users.
  2. A brief video clip showing a series of screenshots of what to expect from the app.
  3. A list of bullet points highlighting the app’s key features.
  4. An introduction screen, with clear instructions on how to engage with the ad.

13. Which components of a Google App campaign allow marketers to reach valuable users?

  1. Industry insights purchased from third-party companies.
  2. Reviews left on an app listing.
  3. Conversion tracking and machine learning.
  4. Segmented data taken from surveys.

14. What important role does app promotion play in the mobile gaming industry?

  1. App promotion helps convert mobile gamers into console and PC gamers.
  2. App promotion encourages gamers to use hardware to improve their gameplay.
  3. App promotion alerts gamers of the latest industry news and information.
  4. App promotion helps users discover new games to download.

15. Maria completed the “Headline” section of her text assets and now needs to complete the “Description” section. Which factors must Maria consider?

  1. Each ad group may have 3-5 description lines, with up to 90 characters in each.
  2. Each ad group may have 1-5 description lines, with up to 90 characters in each.
  3. Each ad group may have 1-5 description lines, with up to 30 characters in each.
  4. Each ad group may have 3-5 description lines, with up to 30 characters in each.

16. Alex read a lot about Google App campaigns, and he’s eager to start one of his own.
What’s the first thing he should do before jumping into Google Ads interface?

  1. Gather feedback from people already using his app regularly.
  2. Create a library of assets he might use during the ad creation process.
  3. Define a goal he wants to achieve with an App campaign.
  4. Conduct thorough research on apps belonging to similar businesses.

17. Shayley’s reading an article about hiking trails on her mobile phone and sees an ad for hiking boots from outdoor retailer OneStop. She has the OneStop app installed and clicks on the ad. OneStop has enabled deep linking.

What will happen next?

  1. Shayley will be taken to the hiking boots section of the OneStop website.
  2. Shayley will be taken to a Google search page with “hiking boots” pre-populated as her search term.
  3. Shayley will be taken to the app store listing, prompting her to download the OneStop app.
  4. Shayley will be taken directly to the hiking boots section of the OneStop app.

18. How do the majority of app downloaders discover apps?

  1. Through digital sources
  2. Through billboard advertising
  3. Through magazine placements
  4. Through television commercials

19. How does machine learning in Google App campaigns benefit both marketers and users?

  1. By delivering a relevant ad to the right user at the right time.
  2. By delivering a different ad to every user.
  3. By delivering ads to as many users as possible in one location.
  4. By delivering relevant ads to users only on YouTube.

20. Measuring across app and web is challenging, yet important for understanding cross-platform behavior. Which two solutions does Google offer to bridge the measurement gap between app and web? (Choose two.)

Select All Correct Responses

  1. Deep linking
  2. Google Ads SDK platforms report
  3. Cross-platform report in Google Analytics
  4. App and Web properties in Google Analytics

21. Google App campaigns are designed to deliver relevant ads to users based on a large number of inputs. What are three examples of signals that may be used by an App campaign? (Choose three.)

Select All Correct Responses

  1. Ad schedule
  2. Location
  3. Search queries
  4. Keywords
  5. App settings

22. Sophie’s been asked to create image assets that adhere to best practices for Google App campaigns. She wants to guarantee placement across all channels. At minimum, what image assets should Sophie create and upload?

  1. At least two landscape images without any superimposed text or logo.
  2. At least two portrait images without any superimposed text or logo.
  3. At least two portrait images with a watermark of the app logo included.
  4. At least two landscape images with a watermark of the app logo included.

23. The majority of five-star reviews for apps in the Google Play Store praise which of the following three qualities? (Choose three.)

Select All Correct Responses

  1. Design
  2. Speed
  3. Customer support
  4. Sound effects
  5. Usability

24. A gaming company just released a new app and wants to focus on the initial launch phase. What matters most to a business when an app first launches?

  1. Website traffic
  2. User reviews
  3. New users and installs
  4. In-app actions

25. An eCommerce app received 500 installs, resulting in $1,000 in revenue. What tCPI should they use to start a new Google App campaign for installs?

  1. 20
  2. 500
  3. 2
  4. 0.5

26. For accurate targeting, assets are organized into ad groups that have shared topics most often related to which of the following? (Choose three.)

Select All Correct Responses

  1. Message
  2. Ad schedule
  3. User location
  4. Theme
  5. Audience

27. How do humans and machines work as an effective team when running Google App campaigns?

  1. Humans can monitor reports exclusively, while letting machine learning handle everything else.
  2. Humans can verify creative assets made by machines, saving time in the process.
  3. Humans and machines have complementary skill sets.
  4. Machines can provide very detailed reporting, while humans handle the majority of optimization tasks.

28. What are the two main marketer objectives for app promotion?

  1. Discovery and global expansion
  2. Global expansion and in-store sales
  3. Engagement and website growth
  4. Discovery and engagement

29. Which of the following definitions describes “Events” in relation to app measurement?

  1. A way to market to potential users.
  2. When an app is on sale in the app store.
  3. A limited-time promotion in an app.
  4. Actions that people perform in an app.

30. What two things are essential for a Google App campaign to run smoothly and successfully? (Choose two.)

Select All Correct Responses

  1. Bid changes
  2. HTML5 assets
  3. Time
  4. Data

31. Which of the following roles does an app play in overall business strategy?

  1. Identifying the most important audiences for your business.
  2. Improving the average order value of your customer base.
  3. Driving as much traffic as possible to a .com website.
  4. Delivering a great user experience as part of the customer journey.

32. How do Google App campaigns help reduce the manual test-and-iterate efforts of advertisers?

  1. The system automatically creates ads, with zero human input required.
  2. The system automatically tests different ads to determine what works best.
  3. The system can immediately identify the best ad assets submitted by a marketer.
  4. The system suggests proven data based on similar businesses from the same industry.

33. Melissa’s been running a Google App campaign with one ad group and she’s looking to optimize the campaign by creating additional ad groups. What should Melissa do next?

  1. Create a new campaign and ad group for each different theme.
  2. Maintain the same ad group, and introduce additional assets based on various different themes.
  3. Replace her existing ad group with a new one using a different theme.
  4. Maintain one evergreen ad group, and use additional ad groups to explore different themes.

34. Paul asks his team to enable and report on view-through conversions in their client Google App campaigns. Why are view-through conversions important to include?

  1. They provide additional conversion data, so better business decisions can be made.
  2. They offer insights into video assets, so best-performing ones can be given priority.
  3. They unlock additional segmentation options for placements that occur on YouTube.
  4. They’re an effective way to directly compare conversion data against similar businesses.

35. What are two ways a marketer can provide good data to a Google App campaign, powered by machine learning? (Choose two.)

Select All Correct Responses

  1. Select events done by more than 5% but fewer than 50% of users.
  2. Ensure events are being measured accurately.
  3. Select your most valuable events, regardless of how often they occur.
  4. Select events done by at least 95% of users.

36. What report might help identify countries in which an app is getting visitors, but isn’t yet localized?

  1. The user acquisition report in the Google Play Console.
  2. The Google Play Translation Services report.
  3. The traffic analysis report in the Google Play console.
  4. The country guidance tool in Google Ads.

37. What’s the maximum number of localized store listing experiments that can be run at once in Google Play?

  1. 2
  2. 4
  3. 3
  4. 5

38. Aaron observes and adjusts bids often in his Google Ad campaigns. He recently learned that for an automated campaign, it’s best to wait until the campaign accumulates a certain number of conversions before making any bid changes.

For a Google App campaign, Aaron should wait to apply any bid changes until at least how many conversions have accumulated?

  1. 25
  2. 100
  3. 50
  4. 200

39. Jason owns a productivity app and wants to expand outside of the US into Latin America. He hires a professional translation service and believes he’s ready to go as soon as the service is done.

Which three steps should he consider before launching? (Choose three.)

Select All Correct Responses

  1. Research device usage and connectivity within Latin America.
  2. Customize the app’s UX and expand payment methods relevant to Latin America.
  3. Launch first in Latin American markets with more than five million residents.
  4. Launch the app in Latin America, before translations are complete to test the market.
  5. Research specific market culture and productivity tool usage in Latin America.

40. Ben just launched an app for his pizza-delivery business. Which three in-app actions are most applicable for Ben’s business? (Choose three.)

Select All Correct Responses

  1. Coupon redemption
  2. Video views
  3. Matched interest
  4. Add payment
  5. Enter address

41. When creating a Google App campaign, what determines a campaign bidding strategy?

  1. The industry standard for that particular app.
  2. The total value of the campaign budget.
  3. The target-user settings of the campaign.
  4. The number of downloads the app has.

42. George regularly checks his conversion data in his Google App campaign, but recently he overheard coworkers talking about the importance of including view-through conversions and he’s not sure what that means.

What does a view-through conversion mean for George’s Google App campaign?

  1. It’s when a user sees an ad containing a video asset, clicks on it, and then proceeds to complete a conversion.
  2. It’s a conversion metric that counts the total number of conversions that came exclusively from a YouTube placement.
  3. It’s when a user sees an ad for the app and doesn’t click on it, but completes a conversion (download or action) on the app within 24 hours.
  4. It’s the total number of times a user has seen an ad before eventually completing a conversion.

43. Hiroko’s manager asks why Hiroko spends time working on her new Google App campaign. The manager believes machine learning is doing everything.

What are three ways in which Hiroko can help guide the machine learning powered campaign?

Select All Correct Responses

  1. Provide a lot of good data.
  2. Set boundaries.
  3. Update campaign settings daily.
  4. Adjust bids regularly.
  5. Evolve the strategy.

44. Three key steps are needed to enable conversion tracking in a Google App campaign. Place them in the correct order.

  1. Pick an analytics tool to track conversions.
  2. Link your analytics tool to your Google Ads account.
  3. Import your data from your analytics tool to Google Ads.

45. Which statement summarizes a Google App campaign?

  1. A platform in Google Ads that lets advertisers promote their products and services exclusively on apps they don’t own.
  2. A manual ad type in Google Ads that lets advertisers display banners exclusively on Google Play.
  3. A Google tool that automatically creates an app based on an advertiser’s website and supplied content.
  4. An automated ad type in Google Ads designed to help advertisers drive app installs and in-app conversions.

46. What are the two key components of a high-quality app experience?

  1. Personalization and video quality
  2. Technical performance and personalization
  3. Technical performance and user experience
  4. User experience and video quality

47. Brian’s in the process of adding text assets to his first ad group in a Google App campaign. What should Brian include in the Headline field of his text assets?

  1. Key features of the app
  2. The brand name
  3. Contact details
  4. The title of the app

48. Mario works at an agency on app campaigns for two different clients. Match the company and their objective with the appropriate bidding strategy.

  1.  An outdoor retailer running a campaign to drive more in-app purchases. – tCPA
  2.  A food delivery company running a campaign to get new users. – tCPI

49. Machine learning automates much of a Google App campaign once it’s live. What’s one reason marketers should still be involved in the campaign after it’s launched?

  1. The marketer will need to look for and resolve any campaign issues found within the notifications section of the account.
  2. The strategy behind an App campaign will likely shift over time, meaning boundaries need to be set accordingly.
  3. An App campaign will request human input via questionnaires from time to time, to help steer its marketing objectives.
  4. The marketer will still need to review search term and segmentation reports, to make appropriate manual adjustments.


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