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  1. How should you improve a video ad’s effectiveness in post-production?
  2. You work for a major retailer that has an annual sale. What feature would help you ensure that Search ads accurately reflect details about the sale?
  3. You work for a media agency and need to make sure all of your clients’ Search ads accurately reflect key details about their annual sale. Which feature should you use to accomplish this?
  4. You’re the marketing manager for a whale-watching tour company and are creating a Discovery campaign. You need to choose images that will help generate leads for the business to use in the campaign.
  5. You work in marketing for an online retailer who wants to increase website sales. Which technique should you use in your video ad to ask people to take action?
  6. You’re an in-house marketer for an e-commerce business aiming to increase website sales. What should you do in the video ad to ask people to take action?
  7. Why is Ad strength an important section to check when creating a responsive display ad?
  8. When creating a responsive display ad, why should you check Ad strength?
  9. You’re selecting imagery to use in a Discovery campaign for your furniture business. Which of the following images follows creative guidance?
  10. Your fitness company is new to the market and wants to differentiate itself to potential customers through video advertising. Which of the following is a way to brand early, often, and richly?
  11. Which element should you prioritize when creating a storyboard to make your first video asset for an app campaign?
  12. You’re making a video ad for a travel company with the goal of driving bookings on their website. Which of the following call-to-actions (CTAs) should you use in the ad?
  13. You’re making a video ad to generate leads for a cleaning services company. How should you present the ask for viewers to take action?
  14. Which of these accurately captures Google’s ABCDs of effective creative?
  15. You own an independent sporting goods store and have been driving online sales with video campaigns. How should you optimize your existing video ad creative to drive more online sales?
  16. You work for a creative agency and want to drive awareness for a clothing brand’s new product. How should you connect with potential customers through a video ad?
  17. You developed a video with an awareness objective, but viewers aren’t watching the ad as long as you’d like. How should you help them to pay attention?
  18. You manage in-house marketing for a travel app company and are looking to develop assets for their app campaign. Which of the following assets follows guidance for standing out with high quality images?
  19. You’re managing app campaigns for a financial services company. Which of the following assets should you use?
  20. You’re working for a direct-to-consumer wine retailer and making your first video ad with the goal of building awareness for your business. What should you do in the first five seconds of the video ad?
  21. To improve the performance of video campaigns, how should you approach creative effectiveness?
  22. Which of these aspect ratios are acceptable for image assets used in app campaigns?
  23. You manage Search campaigns for a law firm that services all of California. Why is location insertion a valuable feature to use?
  24. Which combination of elements best captures the key principles of Google’s ABCDs of effective creative?
  25. Which of these accurately describes Google’s experimentation tool?
  26. You’re developing a storyboard for a video ad. Which technique should you use to grab and sustain viewers’ attention?
  27. You’re editing a video ad aimed to drive consideration and are deciding how frequently the actor and the product should be showcased relative to one another. How should you approach editing this ad?
  28. You work for a grocery delivery service and your goal is to drive sign-ups for free trials. How can help you achieve this goal using a video ad with an action objective?
  29. You’re creating a video ad with the aim of growing consideration for a product. How should you approach making this video ad?
  30. If you’re looking to boost performance by optimizing responsive display ads, which of the following actions should you take first?
  31. What is the chief driver of return on investment for video campaign effectiveness and the strongest on digital media?
  32. What information is automatically pulled for you when creating an app campaign?
  33. For an app campaign, which description accurately captures guidance for writing effective headlines and descriptions?
  34. You’re the marketing manager for an online sporting goods store and have been tasked to optimize the company’s display campaigns before increasing their budgets. What should you do to achieve this goal?
  35. Which of the following is a best practice when implementing an experiment?
  36. How often should you examine your asset report and swap out low-performing assets for a Discovery campaign?
  37. You’re setting up keyword insertion for your Search campaign to promote a new line of sustainable socks so that the ad text dynamically adjusts to match queries like “sports socks” and “dress socks.” If the keyword can’t be replaced, however, you want the ad to serve the default phrase “sustainable socks.” How should you set up this keyword insertion in Google Ads?
  38. You’re preparing to create your first responsive display ad and want to make sure you follow best practices. How many headlines, images, and short descriptions should you prepare in order to drive strong results?
  39. App campaigns rely on creative rotation powered by machine learning to choose the right creative for the right inventory, the right user, and the right moment. How should you approach assets to achieve strong results?
  40. If you want to boost conversion rates and you’ve already identified important audiences that have a high rate of conversion in your video campaign, how could you use Google’s experimentation tool to achieve your goal?
  41. You’re looking to connect with viewers and make your brand stand out to potential customers. How can you accomplish this in a video ad with an awareness objective?
  42. You work for an agency managing app campaigns for a client. They’ve achieved strong performance with their existing creative, but the same assets have been used for a long time. How can you keep creative fresh for users while avoiding a fluctuation in results?
  43. Which of the following is the cap for the number of HTML, image, and video assets per ad group for an app campaign?
  44. Which pair of visual language elements has the highest impact on watch time for video ads on mobile devices?
  45. In which of these situations would Google’s experimentation tool be helpful?
  46. You work for a creative agency making video ads for a client that’s struggled to meaningfully connect with potential customers in their ads. Which of the following is an approach to help people think or feel something?
  47. If you’re trying to determine how many people watched key moments or skipped your video ad, which tool should you use?
  48. When making a video ad with an awareness objective, which tactic should you use?
  49. You’re making your first video ad with the goal of driving consideration for your brand’s offering. How should you hero the product in this ad?
  50. You’ve never launched a video campaign or made a video ad before, but you do have brand images, text, and logos available. Which tool could help you make your first video ad from these assets?
  51. What’s the difference between traditional and emerging story arcs?
  52. What type of asset is not accepted for an app campaign?
  53. You’re the marketing director at a direct-to-consumer home appliances company and are looking to drive online sales. How should you connect with viewers through video ads?

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Are These Google Ads Creative Certification Answer Correct?

Yes, these Google Ads Creative Certification answers are 100% correct.

Are These Questions Are Latest Ones?

Yes, all these questions are the latest ones to improve your experience. I keep updating the article with the latest answers.

Will I get a free certificate?

Yes, at the end of the exam, you will be awarded a free certificate when you pass with min score.


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