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  1. What two main ad formats can be used in a Google Display ads campaign?
  2. Which of the following are the benefits of using Responsive Display Ads?
  3. Uploaded ads give advertisers access to more inventory than Responsive Display Ads.
  4. Advertising with Google Ads starts with creating campaigns based on your business objectives. Which campaign type would you pick for each of the following scenarios?
  5. How can Google Ads help you advance your business goals?
  6. What are the three main automation components of Smart Display campaigns?
  7. Which of the following is not a component of Google Display ads’ value proposition?
  8. Match each auto-bidding strategy to the right campaign goal.
  9. Which of the following is a core benefit of Google Ads automated bidding?
  10. What are the three marketing objectives that can be met via targeting on Google Display ads?
  11. What two types of remarketing can be used on Google Display ads?
  12. Which targeting option is best for achieving brand awareness?
  13. Which targeting option is best for influencing consideration?
  14. Howard’s in the process of creating a Google Display campaign and decides to use Custom Intent audiences as a targeting option. He’d like to influence customer consideration, but his niche audience isn’t covered by an In-market audience segment.
  15. Jasmine is the director of marketing for a chain of clothing stores. She has been given a set budget and needs to drive as many potential customers to her website as possible.
  16. Josephine is in the process of creating ads within her Standard Display campaign. She finds that there are two main ad formats that she can leverage.
  17. What can the Performance Planner assist you with?
  18. How does Google Display Ads drive marketing results every day for thousands of advertisers around the world?
  19. Zoe runs a sports media website that caters to fans of many different types of sports. She’s starting a Google Display Ads campaign and is considering methods to reach her sports-loving audience.
  20. What’s one benefit of using responsive display ads?
  21. How does Google Display Ads help advertisers meet their marketing objectives and drive results?
  22. Marisol manages the online advertising campaigns for a chain of toy stores with both a physical and an online presence.
  23. Quinn recently launched a Display campaign for his women’s clothing store. Since the launch, his website traffic has increased, but sales have remained flat.
  24. What can automated bidding help an advertiser improve?
  25. Which Display Ad format adjusts to available ad space?
  26. A company that produces sporting equipment for senior citizens would like to use Google Display ads to reach new customers. Their product line gears toward people, with or without an identified interest in sports, over the age of 65.
  27. Karen has opened a new business and is using Google Display Ads to build awareness of her new products.
  28. Viktor’s been tracking the conversions in his Display campaign for the last 30 days. He’s had 24 conversions over that time, and plans to use target return on ad spend (ROAS) as his automated bidding strategy.
  29. What is a key benefit of Smart Display campaigns?
  30. Mary is tasked with designing an advertising campaign for her company’s an online pet food store and app, and is exploring different campaign options.
  31. How do Responsive Display Ads use automation?
  32. Rebecca is a marketing executive at an airline company. She has been asked to plan her company’s online advertising budget on a monthly basis. She’s chosen Google Ads’ Performance Planner to help accomplish this task.
  33. Francis tries to explain to his boss the benefits of using automated bidding.
  34. Amanda is the marketing manager for a plant nursery. She has a large number of campaigns and needs help keeping her bids relevant every day.
  35. Maria has been told that she should use the Performance Planner on a monthly basis.
  36. Simon’s using a Google Smart Display campaign to build out his ads.
  37. Brian owns a company that makes inexpensive replacement parts for bicycles. He’s ready to increase the scale of his business and wants to use Google Display Ads to drive sales.
  38. Catherine received a significant amount of traffic to her online pet store after launching her Display campaign. Unfortunately, many visitors to her online store didn’t make a purchase.
  39. Darren notices that many people viewed specific products on his website without purchasing them. He creates a Google Display Ad to drive sales of those exact products.
  40. How does automating your bid contribute to a successful Google Ads campaign?
  41. Why should an advertiser consider using responsive display ads?
  42. Jake’s been trying to build brand awareness for his new clothing line. Initial branding attempts were successful, but he now wants to scale things to a larger degree. Jake can reach a wide audience by using Smart Display campaigns.
  43. You manage marketing for a small business on a tight budget, yet you need to reach as many people as possible.
  44. Your company wants to have greater success online.
  45. Siona needs to make sure her ads are getting a minimum number of impressions on the top of the page.
  46. Colin wants to get the word out about his newest product. He’s planning to create a Google Display campaign with building awareness as his marketing objective.
  47. Felix wants to start showing his Google Display Ads to a narrower audience with the help of demographic targeting.
  48. Gavin is creating a Google Display ads campaign to help grow sales for his online clothing store. His goal is to connect with users who previously viewed pages on his website without making a purchase.
  49. When a Responsive Display Ad is automatically assembled, what’s adjusted to fit the ad slot?
  50. When should you use responsive display ads?
  51. What can the Performance Planner recommend?
  52. Loretta is the advertising director for a large meal-kit company. She’s setting up a Google Display Campaign to identify and engage with large audiences in order to extend their market reach.
  53. What’s an advantage of the reach of Responsive Display Ads?
  54. Phillip wants to create a new Google Display Ad campaign and base his targeting on an existing remarketing list named Checkout Abandoners.
  55. Marie is a marketer trying to maximize specific user actions after the click.
  56. Robert manages a website that sells sporting goods. He wants his products to be featured in various online sporting publications while potential customers are researching and comparing different football brands online.
  57. What is one way that Performance Planner helps businesses increase sales?
  58. When should you use AMPHTML ads? (Choose two.)
  59. Which two are available in Google Ads? (Choose two.)
  60. Frank runs a scuba-diving business that offers lessons and sells scuba-diving equipment. Frank wants to engage with users who are researching scuba-diving lessons.
  61. Google Ads was designed to help businesses achieve online success. To accomplish this, Google Ads was built on three core principles.
  62. Why should campaigns with different marketing objectives be separated into different Performance Planner plans?
  63. Which Of The Following Goals Can You Achieve For Your Marketing Campaign By Using Automated Bidding?
  64. YouTube and Google Video solutions are specifically tuned to your business’ marketing objectives. They can increase awareness by keeping your brand at the top of customers’ minds. They can boost consideration by inviting customers to engage with your brand during high-intent moments. What other marketing objective can YouTube and Google video solutions fulfill?
  65. Which Of The Following Factors Wouldn’t Change An Account’s Optimization Score?
  66. How Does Google Ads Generate Responsive Search Ads?
  67. How Many Ads Should Be Implemented Per Ad Group?
  68. Which Are The Three Required Parts Of A Text Ad?
  69. Arrange The Items Below In Order Of Hierarchy, Beginning With The Top Level.
  70. What Is The Key Value Proposition Of Google Search Campaigns?
  71. Which Part Of A Search Ad Isn’t Automatically Generated By Dynamic Search Ads?
  72. Which Two People Might See An Ad With The Keyword +Black +Shirt (Set As Broad Match Modifier)?
  73. Match The Marketing Goal To The Correct Ad Extension.
  74. Which Ad Extensions Can Serve Automatically?
  75. Why Do Search Ad Extensions Matter?
  76. True Or False? Affinity Audiences Allows Advertisers To Reach People Who’re Actively Researching And Intending To Buy The Products Or Services They Offer.
  77. If An Advertiser Doesn’t Want To Add Remarketing Tags To A Website, Why Would Customer Match Be A Good Fit For Them?
  78. Which Of The Following Can Be Customized With Audience Signals To Make Search Campaigns More Efficient?
  79. Which Attributes Describe A Good Landing Page Experience?
  80. Tim Is Looking To Buy A New Skateboard. He Goes To Google Search To Research And Purchase The Best Skateboard He Can find. Organize The Following Steps In The Logical Order To Describe How Tim’s Interaction With Google Search Ads Would Occur From Start To finish.
  81. To Earn User Clicks, Ginger Should Focus On Creating An Ad That _____. (Choose Two.)
  82. Layla Is Learning About The Benefits Of Using Search Ad Extensions And Has Come To Know That They Can Help To Increase User Engagement. What Are Two Other Benefits That Search Ad Extensions Can Contribute To Performance? (Choose Two.)
  83. Charlie is working to improve the quality score of a Google Search ad by improving his expected click-through rate (eCTR).
  84. {"@context":"https:“>Barbara’s boss has asked her to use Google Ads to reach as many users searching as possible for terms around the services their business offers. Which keyword match type would help Barbara reach the most search queries that potential clients are using?
  85. Optimization Score Is Made Up Of Over 50 Recommendations To Optimize Search Campaigns.
  86. Lola is in the process of selecting a campaign type to suit her business objectives. Why is it important that she consider business objectives before choosing her campaign type?
  87. Ben Is Currently Managing A Campaign That Has A Total Investment Of $7,000, Generates 1,400 Conversions, And Has A CPA (Cost-Per-Acquisition) Of $5. Ben Needs To Sell Excess Inventory. To Meet This Goal, He’s Willing To Increase His CPA And Campaign Investment. Which Of The Following Plans, Built In The Performance Planner, Will Assist Ben In Achieving His Marketing Goal Of Selling Excess Inventory?
  88. Kevin Has A Large Collection Of Images And Videos Available For Use But Not A Lot Of Time To Design Ad Creatives For His Google Display Ads Campaign. Which Display Ad Format Could Kevin Use To Save Time?
  89. Which Two Statements Are True About The Use Of Targeting Options To Optimize A Google Ads Campaign? (Choose Two.)
  90. Google Display Lets Advertisers Choose Between Two Main Ad Formats: Responsive Display Ads And Uploaded Image Ads. Match The Benefit Of Each Ad Type To The Appropriate Ad Format Option.
  91. Mike Is Interested In Using Automation To More Effectively Manage His Google Display Campaigns. What’s One Automation Model That Smart Display Campaigns Provide?
  92. A Small Business Uses Google Display Ads To Help Deliver Relevant Advertising To People Browsing The Web. Which Statement Is True About Where Google Display Ads Connects With These Valuable Audiences?
  93. Smart Display Campaigns Use Full Automation To Optimize And Automate Nearly All Aspects Of Your Display Campaigns. All You Have To Do Is Provide A Few Inputs. What Can A User Input In A Smart Display Campaign?
  94. Doreen Uses Google Search To Reach Customers As They Search For Products Similar To Hers. She’d Like To Create A Display Remarketing Campaign To Reconnect With Users And Increase Sales. How Might Remarketing Help Her Meet This Marketing Objective?
  95. Jacob’s Physical Toy Store Relies On Offline Metrics, Such As Store Visits And In-Store Sales. He’s Heard That Specialized Campaign Types Can Help Him Meet These Kinds Of Goals. Which Campaign Type Can Help Jacob Achieve His Offline Business Objectives?
  96. How Does Google Display Ads Grow Marketing Results For Advertisers?
  97. Of The Ad Formats Available On The Google Display Network, Which One Will Automatically Adjust Its Presentation To Best Fit The Available Space On Page?
  98. Google Display Ads Lets Advertisers Upload Their Own Ads To The System, Allowing Advertisers Greater Control Over The Look And Feel Of Their Messaging.
  99. Thelma Is Creating A Display Campaign For Her Online Toy Store. She Wants To Showcase Her Products To Parents Between The Ages Of 25 To 34.
  100. Trina Is Considering Using Automated Bidding, As She’s Looking To Make Her Campaign Management Process More Efficient.
  101. A Company Creates Niche Sporting Equipment For Active Female Senior Citizens. The Company Expects Potential Customers To Be Above 65 Years Old, Either With Or Without A Shown Interest In Sports. The Company’s Marketing Team Is Looking To Build Awareness About Their Company’s Innovative Products.
  102. A Marketer Is Keeping Track Of The Revenue Generated By His Campaign. He Wants To See A Specified Return-On-Investment For His Monthly Ad Spend.
  103. A Small Marketing Group Uses Google Display Ads To Help Deliver Relevant Advertising To People Browsing The Web.
  104. Adam Has Determined That “Drive Action” Is The Appropriate Marketing Objective For His New Display Campaign.
  105. Alan Has Introduced A New Line Of Scooters On His Website And Is Using A Google Display Ad Campaign To Promote Them. He Selects “Build Awareness” As The Marketing Objective For His Campaign.
  106. Amanda Uses “Influence Consideration” As A Marketing Objective For Her Google Display Ads Campaign.
  107. Amy Has Created A New Brand For Her Company’s Goldfish Training Materials. She Knows That Other Companies Train Goldfish And It Is A Popular Sport, But Realizes That It Is A Niche Market. She Wants To Use A Google Display Ads Campaign To Build Awareness For Her New Brand.
  108. Angela’s Ready To Get Started With Her First Smart Display Campaign, But Her Account Isn’t Yet Eligible Due To Not Having Enough Conversions In The Last 30 Days. What’s The Minimum Number Of Conversions Needed (In The Last 30 Days) To Be Eligible To Set Up A Smart Display Campaign?
  109. As A Marketing Director At A Large Company, Cara’s Considering Launching A Google Display Ads Campaign, As It Will Let Her Reach Global Internet Users Across As Many Websites And Apps As Possible.
  110. Automated Bidding Does The Heavy Lifting For Advertisers On Google Ads. What Does Automated Bidding Use To Set The Right Bid For Every Auction?
  111. Ben Sells Housewares Through His Website And App. What Are Two Ways That Google Ads Can Fuel His Business Goals And Help Him Achieve His Objectives? (Choose Two.)
  112. Bill Has Released A New Line Of Products For His Business And Is Using Google Display Ads To Influence Customer Consideration. How Does Google Display Ads Targeting Help Bill Reach His Marketing Objective?
  113. Bill Wants To Reach Valuable, Relevant Audiences And Engage With Them Quickly And Often With His Ads. How Will Creating A Display Ads Campaign Allow Him To Reach His Goal?
  114. Brian’s Desired Audience Isn’t Covered By The Segments In-Market Audiences Offers.
  115. Cassandra Wants To Customize Her Google Display Ads Based On How Potential Customers Previously Engaged With Her Website. Which Option Best Suits Her Needs?
  116. Claire Has Created A Google Display Remarketing Campaign. What’s The Most Likely Reason She Decided On Remarketing?
  117. Colin Is Planning Out A New Google Display Ads Campaign With The “Build Awareness” Marketing Objective In Mind.
  118. Diana Is Running A Successful Remarketing Campaign. She Wants To Expand Her Reach With Other Targeting Options. While Creating A New Google Ads Display Campaign With The “Influence Consideration” Marketing Objective, She Chooses Similar Audiences As Her Targeting Option.
  119. Doreen Is Looking To Drive Sales On Her Website, And Is Considering Creating A Google Display Remarketing Campaign How Might Remarketing Help Her Meet Her Marketing Objective?
  120. Emmy Is The Marketing Director Of A Large Marketing Team, Looking To Reach An Audience At Scale Through Smart Display Campaigns.
  121. Gloria Owns A Surfing Clothing Line. She Wants To Increase The Awareness Of Her Brand And Drive Higher Sales.
  122. Google Ads Offers A Variety Of Campaign Types Which Determine Where Your Ad Will Appear And The Format In Which It Will Be Displayed.

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Yes, at the end of the exam, you will be awarded a free certificate when you pass with min score.


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