Google Ads Video Certification Exam Answers [Updated]

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Google Ads Video Certification Assessment Answers

Google Ads Video Certification Exam Answers [Updated]

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Knowledge Check Assessment Answers (13 Questions)

1. True or false? Google audiences are updated on every impression, so advertisers can reach only the most relevant consumers on YouTube.

  1. True
  2. False

2. Which of the following is not an example of Detailed Demographics?

  1. Car ownership status
  2. Homeownership status
  3. Marital status
  4. Parenting stages

3. You want to find new, high-value customers using their data. Which audience solution should you use?

  1. Affinity
  2. Customer Match
  3. In-Market
  4. Similar Audiences

4. You want to re-engage with people from your CRM database that bought something from your website in the past six months. Which audience solution should you use?

  1. Affinity
  2. Custom Affinity
  3. Customer Match
  4. In-Market

5. You want to reach people who are searching for content about the Manchester United Football Club. Which audience solution should you use?

  1. Affinity
  2. Custom Affinity
  3. Customer Match
  4. Detailed Demographics

6. The four essential freedoms that define YouTube’s values are freedom of expression, freedom of opportunity, freedom of information, and freedom to belong.

  1. True
  2. False

7. Which of the following is not a top reason why users choose YouTube?

  1. To connect with a community
  2. To engage with creators
  3. To upload photos
  4. To watch rich and diverse content

8. Which of these is not an example of Advanced Audiences?

  1. Affinity
  2. In-market
  3. Life events
  4. Males 21-34

9. How can you create video ads to maximize effectiveness on YouTube?

  1. Build from the ground up rather than modifying your TV spot
  2. Cut your TV spot into :30 and :15 video ads
  3. Rebuild your TV spots into :30, :15, and :06 video ads
  4. Repurpose your TV spots on YouTube – it’s all video

10. How can you produce video ads to perform well on YouTube?

  1. Frame tightly and pace moderately
  2. Frame tightly and pace quickly
  3. Frame widely and pace moderately
  4. Frame widely and pace quickly

11. According to Ipsos eye-tracking research, approximately how much TV advertising goes unseen?

  1. 25%
  2. 40%
  3. 55%
  4. 70%

12. Which is a best practice for creating effective bumper ads?

  1. Build a single bumper ad to convey your entire message
  2. Cut down your :30 TV spot
  3. Don’t include branding
  4. Focus on a single product, feature, or brand message

13. Which report shows how long a video was watched in aggregate?

  1. Analytics report
  2. Audience report
  3. Audience retention report
  4. Watch time report

14. Which YouTube storytelling technique describes when a video ad changes based on a person’s viewing context?

  1. Tease, amplify, echo
  2. The direct shot
  3. The follow-up
  4. The mini-series

15. Your client is an online car marketplace. Which audience solution can help your client’s campaign reach people in the car buying process?

  1. Consumer patterns
  2. Custom affinity audiences
  3. In-market audiences
  4. Life Events

16. Match each ad format to its primary marketing objective. Drag and drop each item into the correct box.

  1. Masthead – Awareness
  2. TrueView discovery – Consideration
  3. TrueView for action – Action
  4. Bumpers – Awareness

17. Match each type of TrueView ad to its bidding approach.

  1. TrueView in-stream – CPV
  2. TrueView for reach – CPM
  3. TrueView for action – CPA
  4. TrueView discovery – CPA

18. True or False? TrueView ads on Google Video Partners drive as much lift in ad recall as TrueView on YouTube.

  1. True
  2. False

19. Where does a YouTube masthead ad unit run?

  1. Across specific sites within the Google Display Network
  2. YouTube homepage
  3. YouTube search results page
  4. YouTube watch page

20. Which ad format typically has the lowest CPM among in-stream video ads and is also eligible to serve more frequently, particularly on mobile devices?

  1. Bumpers
  2. Masthead
  3. TrueView discovery
  4. TrueView in-stream

21. Custom Intent audiences allows advertisers to reach users on YouTube that were previously searching for particular queries across which of the following properties?

  1. YouTube mobile app
  2. Google Display Network
  3. Google Search
  4. All of the above

22. Online conversions measured for TrueView for action come from three different events. Match each event to its correct conversion type.

  1. Click-through conversion – User clicks on an element of the ad and converts within 30 days
  2. View-through conversion – User sees an impression of the ad and converts within 24 hours
  3. Video engagement – User watches 10 seconds of the ad and converts within three days

23. What type of advertiser is a good fit for TrueView for action?

  1. Advertiser looking to improve their brand image
  2. An advertiser who’s looking for brand impact such as driving Brand Lift metrics
  3. An advertiser who’s looking to drive clicks to their website for on-site conversions
  4. An advertiser who’s looking to maximize reach and cares about driving views

24. YouTube for action is comprised of formats powered by Smart Bidding for conversions or conversion values. What two elements are necessary for its success?

Select All Correct Responses

  1. Advertiser must have run video ads before
  2. Advertiser must use DV360 for measurement
  3. Intent-rich audiences
  4. Lower funnel measurement

Google Ads Video Certification Exam Answers

Pass the assessment and earn a certification (Complete Required)

Total Questions50
Duration75 Minutes
Pass %80% or More
RetakeAfter 24hr
Pause ExamNo

Google Ads Video Certification Assessment Answers

1. A YouTube advertiser is looking to drive direct response objectives. Reyna, a YouTube Googler, explains that YouTube for action combines formats powered by Smart Bidding with intent-rich audiences and measurement capabilities that can help turn engagement on YouTube into the actions that matter most.

What actions does YouTube drive for advertisers?

  1. YouTube drives actions focused on upselling, reselling, barter dealing, and price-matching sales.
  2. YouTube drives actions focused on apps, website activity, lead generation, and offline store visits.
  3. YouTube drives action based on the time of visit, page views, downloads, and IP address lookups.
  4. YouTube drives action based on bounce rates, return visits, scanned items, and cookie delivery.

2. Which marketer would be an ideal client for TrueView for action?

  1. A business that wants to ensure brand impact and leverage the power of video by using Target Outranking Share bidding.
  2. A company that uses Target ROAS (return on ad spend) bidding and wants to make sure their ads are both consistent and can’t be skipped.
  3. An advertiser who doesn’t have Google Ads conversion tracking enabled on video campaigns, but still wants the benefits of leveraging the power of video.
  4. A marketer who wants to use custom intent audiences to deliver a customizable and consistent call-to-action, driving clicks and website actions.

3. After a discussion with a Google Audience Specialist, Reilly is ready to suggest the use of Detailed Demographics to her YouTube clients.

What are two characteristics of Detailed Demographics? (Choose two.)

Select All Correct Responses

  1. Music preference
  2. Homeownership status
  3. Pet ownership
  4. Education

4. Your client is interested in testing six-second bumper ads. What are two tips you can share with them about these ads? (Choose two.)

Select All Correct Responses

  1. Build for large screens.
  2. Only use your TV ad to make a bumper.
  3. Budget time to establish the ad and stick the landing.
  4. Focus on a single, simple purpose.

5. Running a creative experiment using Brand Lift is an excellent way to get the information you need.

What’s the first step?

  1. Draft a hypothesis
  2. Create a persona
  3. Connect to API
  4. Write an ad script

6. Which elements are used to build a Custom Affinity audience?

  1. Calculations, returns, website SSL, and app store visits
  2. App downloads, tours, website LAN, and app user permissions
  3. Preferences, visits, website FTP, and total app updates
  4. Keywords, places, website URLs, and app downloads

7. Which TrueView ad format is optimized for lift in ad recall?

  1. TrueView in-stream
  2. TrueView discovery
  3. TrueView for reach
  4. TrueView for action

8. Myra’s newest client uses a CRM to keep track of customer information. They’d like to use this data to engage past customers with a YouTube campaign promoting their newest product line.

Which Intent audience solution on YouTube should Myra select for this campaign?

  1. Ideal Candidate and CRM audiences
  2. Consumer Direct and New audiences
  3. Customer Match and Similar Audiences
  4. General Purchase and Return audiences

9. Mira explained to a new client how YouTube can help brands reach the most attractive customers and prospects by helping them tap into real-time data and powerful signals to be more effective storytellers.

Which other benefit of YouTube audience solutions should she mention?

  1. Cross-device reach
  2. Lower budget cap
  3. Free Google credits

10. Based on the ABCDs of designing YouTube ads, what’s one way to attract viewers?

  1. Use familiar faces like celebrities, YouTube creators, or influencers.
  2. Include branding and calls-to-action in the entire length of the video ad.
  3. Use current music selections from top artists in specific music genres.
  4. Offer a prize for watching to the end and require sign-up to receive it.

11. The YouTube masthead is effective for advertisers with which goal?

  1. Replace TV campaigns and achieve maximum reach.
  2. Reach a massive audience around a tentpole event.
  3. Get a high number of views at a low CPV.
  4. Conduct a long-term campaign at a reasonable cost.


  1. Target audiences in a time of decision-making.
  2. Drive actions within their website.
  3. Focus on high-impact placement for high visibility.
  4. Replace TV campaigns and achieve maximum reach.


  1. Drive actions within their website.
  2. Drive a lift in ad recall and brand impact.
  3. Target audiences in a time of decision-making.
  4. Drive awareness for a new product launch.

12. Which of YouTube’s awareness ad formats can use the CPD bidding approach?

  1. Masthead
  2. Bumper ads
  3. Outstream video
  4. TrueView for reach

13. Jasmine’s client is interested in adding YouTube to their online marketing strategy. They’d like a first-party data audience solution that lets them find new customers who share characteristics with their existing ones.

What would be the ideal first-party data audience solution for this client?

  1. Customer Match audience
  2. Remarketing via Google Tags
  3. Similar Audiences
  4. Custom Intent audience

14. Which statement is true about bumper ads?

  1. They run outside of a video stream.
  2. They’re a 15-second, skippable, in-stream ad format.
  3. They can be purchased through Google Ads or Google Preferred.
  4. They’re bought on a cost-per-view basis.


  1. They’re purchased on a cost-per-view basis.
  2. They’re available on YouTube and Google Search.
  3. They’re designed for a mobile-first world.
  4. They have the lowest CPM among outstream formats.


  1. They’re in-stream ads that appear following a video.
  2. They’re in-stream ads, skippable after five seconds.
  3. They’re located at the top of the YouTube video home feed.
  4. They provide reach, frequency, and brand awareness.

15. Which type of Google Audience Signal reaches consumers on YouTube based on their consumption habits?

  1. Custom Affinity audiences
  2. In-Market audiences
  3. Life Events
  4. Consumer Patterns

16. Which is a key benefit of TrueView discovery?

  1. It reaches users scrolling down the YouTube home page.
  2. It optimizes delivery to users who are most likely to buy.
  3. It helps advertisers maximize views.
  4. It drives users to click a link or take action on an ad.

17. Ben’s client owns more than 20 vitamin shops around the region and has seen success with YouTube advertising. Ben has recommended store visits for TrueView for action as a measurement solution to connect online influence to offline action. The client has asked Ben to explain which events trigger a store visit.

Which two events trigger a store visit for TrueView for action?

  1. Users who’ve clicked an element of the ad and enter a store within 30 days and users who’ve watched 10 seconds of the ad and visit the store within 30 days
  2. Users who watch all of the ad and visit a location within 90 days and users who clicked the ad two or more times and visited a store within 90 days
  3. Users who skipped the ad before 10 seconds elapsed and visited a store within 30 days and users who hit the back button and visited a location within 30 days
  4. Users who purchase a product from the website and visit a store within 90 days and users who clicked the ad and visited a location within 90 days

18. What can YouTube Analytics tell you about what people are watching on your client’s channel?

  1. Ads chosen and replays
  2. Return visits and search history
  3. Referrer and preferred category
  4. Real-time views and watch-time

19. Based on Google’s ABCDs of designing ads for YouTube, what are two ways Google recommends you connect with your viewers? (Choose two.)

Select All Correct Responses

  1. Use humor to boost ad recall, brand awareness, and viewership.
  2. Offer free and discounted goods or services to entice ad viewers.
  3. Trick viewers into thinking they’re watching something different.
  4. Slow down your ad’s pacing and take your time communicating.
  5. Break the fourth wall in your ad by speaking directly to viewers.

20. Match the YouTube customer with the Google Audience Signal type that helps advertisers connect with that customer.

  1. People who have recently retired – Life Event
  2. People who read reviews on car stereos – In-Market audiences
  3. People who answer forum questions about horses – Custom Affinity audiences
  4. People who frequently go on cruises – Consumer Patterns

21. What’s a key benefit of bumper ads?

  1. Reach to outside sites
  2. Low skip rate
  3. High signal value
  4. High audience attention

22. Google Video Partners are partnerships formed through which Ad service?

  1. Google Search Ads
  2. Google AdSense
  3. Google Analytics 360
  4. Google Marketing Platform


  1. Google Local Catalog ads
  2. Google My Business
  3. Google AdMob
  4. Google Showcase ads


  1. Google Ad Manager
  2. Google Shopping
  3. Google Search Ads
  4. Google Tag Manager 360

23. What constitutes a video engagement conversion in a TrueView for action campaign?

  1. User sees an impression of the ad and converts within 24 hours.
  2. User watches 10 seconds of the ad and converts within three days.
  3. User watches the entirety of the ad and coverts within 30 days.
  4. User watches 10 seconds of the ad and converts within seven days.

24. When it comes to driving action, you should focus on audiences with the strongest level of intent.

Which of these “lowest funnel” audiences is comprised of users who’ve already interacted with your brand, but for some reason didn’t convert?

  1. Remarketing or Customer Match
  2. In-Market Audiences
  3. Custom Intent Audiences for YouTube
  4. Similar Audiences

25. Janice’s advertising agency landed a client who’d like to understand how media consumption habits have evolved, prior to spending their budget on YouTube. They’re mobile-focused and would like to know the percentage of YouTube watch-time that takes place on mobile devices.

What percentage of YouTube watch-time is on mobile devices?

  1. 75% of YouTube watch-time happens on mobile devices.
  2. 60% of YouTube watch-time happens on mobile devices.
  3. Google does not share device watch-time metrics for YouTube.
  4. 25% of YouTube watch-time happens on mobile devices.

26. Which video format is available on Google Video Partners?

  1. TrueView discovery
  2. Video masthead
  3. YouTube home feed
  4. TrueView in-stream

27. Dylan’s client produces documentaries. The client wants to understand what makes YouTube so appealing to users. Dylan explains how YouTube lets users engage with the creators they love and become part of an online community of like-minded people.

What’s another reason users choose YouTube?

  1. Users choose YouTube for rich and diverse content.
  2. Users choose YouTube for its lengthy free-trial period.
  3. Users choose YouTube to play games across platforms.
  4. Users choose YouTube to access a local cable provider.

28. Which one of Google’s data-driven tools is part of Google Analytics Solutions?

  1. Google Surveys
  2. Think with Google
  3. Google Video 360
  4. Google Trends

29. In the ABCD recommendations Google created for YouTube advertising, the A stands for attract and the B for brand. What do the C and D stand for?

  1. Callout and Divert
  2. Callout and Distract
  3. Call-to-action and Disrupt
  4. Connect and Direct

30. Julian has a client interested in increasing awareness with their YouTube campaign. Which three YouTube audience solutions should he recommend?

  1. Conversion, In-Market, and Remarketing
  2. In-Market, Life Events, and Custom Infinity
  3. Demographics, Affinity, and Custom Affinity
  4. Customer Match, Remarketing, and Tastes

31. What’s one of Google and YouTube’s awareness products?

  1. Life Events
  2. Video Masthead
  3. Customer Match
  4. First-party data

32. Arturo has explained to a client who sells electronics that YouTube’s detailed demographic audiences can impact their advertising efforts. He knows detailed demographics help advertisers reach audiences based on quantifiable characteristics that matter to the client.

What are two of these quantifiable characteristics? (Choose two.)

Select All Correct Responses

  1. Music preference
  2. Homeownership status
  3. Past purchases
  4. Household income
  5. Device type

33. Which video ad sequencing framework is focused on where a viewer is and what they’re doing when they interact with a YouTube ad?

  1. Consume
  2. Concept
  3. Context
  4. Conduct

34. Justine’s client is almost ready to get started with YouTube advertising. They’ve asked her to identify the business outcomes YouTube can deliver, to ensure they’ll achieve what they’re after with their campaign.

Which business outcomes can YouTube deliver for her client?

  1. Verification, confirmation, response
  2. Awareness, consideration, action
  3. Listening, monitoring, following up
  4. Identity, recommendation, meaning

35. Using Custom Intent audiences allows brands to drive action on YouTube. What’s the key functionality of Custom Intent audiences?

  1. Custom Intent audiences reach users that bought a product in the last seven days.
  2. Custom Intent audiences reach users who clicked one of your ads.
  3. Custom Intent audiences reach users who recently searched on Google.
  4. Custom Intent audiences reach users residing in specific regions of the country.

36. Mina owns a high-end fashion boutique and has seen success with YouTube advertising over the past year. She’s uncertain which type of bidding she should choose for her TrueView for action campaign. She has a year’s worth of conversion data, but she’s not comfortable with that cost-per-acquisition.

Which bidding type would be best in this scenario?

  1. Max Conversions
  2. Target conversion share
  3. Min cost-per-conversion
  4. Target cost-per-conversion

37. How does an advertiser benefit from using Google Trends?

  1. Google Trends can validate an idea by asking the audience directly.
  2. Google Trends can discover the top questions their target audience is asking.
  3. Google Trends can browse case studies showing how past ad campaigns have succeeded.
  4. Google Trends can plan an ad campaign by trendspotting and nowcasting.

38. Zane is managing a YouTube campaign for a five-star hotel that competes directly with several other hotels located in the area. The owner would like to use the names of similar hotels as keywords when building the audience for the campaign.

What would be the ideal audience solution for Zane’s YouTube campaign?

  1. Custom Affinity audience
  2. Similar Audience
  3. Affinity Audience
  4. Customer Match audience

39. What are two Google findings (based on internal research) regarding six-second ads? (Choose two.)

Select All Correct Responses

  1. Ads that include the product on-screen had higher ad recall.
  2. Ads with a person speaking directly to camera had lower ad recall.
  3. Text slides, subtitles, and voiceovers are associated with higher brand awareness.
  4. Stronger brand response is found from ads that are viewable only, as compared to ads that are viewable and audible.
  5. Six-second ads on YouTube drove the same ad recall as 30-second versions on other sites.

40. Dan owns a farm supply store that sells plows to farmers. His suppliers released a new plow, and he wants to get the word out to his existing customers using Google Ads. He’s got the information needed to create a Customer Match audience, but he’s not sure where he needs to upload this information.

Where does Dan upload customer information, such as e-mail addresses, to start the Customer Match process?

  1. Google Drive and YouTube Premium
  2. Google Ads and Display & Video 360
  3. Google Play and Display Pack 360
  4. Google Lens and Search & Display

41. YouTube Analytics can show you the aggregated totals of the minutes people spent viewing a video over time.

Which report provides this information?

  1. The demographic report
  2. The version view report
  3. The view retention report
  4. The watch time report

42. Landon works for an online marketing firm and believes that YouTube will be an effective addition to his client’s advertising strategy given its extensive reach of over two billion monthly active users and recent innovations that increase usership.

Which two next generation innovations can Landon share with his client? (Choose two.)

Select All Correct Responses

  1. YouTube on TV screens
  2. Game-console emulation
  3. Mobile live streaming
  4. VR 360
  5. Live-action auctions

43. YouTube and Google Video solutions are specifically tuned to your business’ marketing objectives. They can increase awareness by keeping your brand at the top of customers’ minds. They can boost consideration by inviting customers to engage with your brand during high-intent moments.

What other marketing objective can YouTube and Google video solutions fulfill?

  1. They can reduce unwanted clicks from competitors.
  2. They can forecast reductions in pricing for keywords.
  3. They can entice users to provide their information.
  4. They can spur meaningful actions you can measure.

44. Advertisers choose YouTube because it delivers proven results. What are two additional reasons why advertisers choose YouTube? (Choose 2.)

Select All Correct Responses

  1. Offers effective Search ads for their audience
  2. Has the world’s largest digital asset library
  3. Offers audience engagement and attention
  4. Offers audience insights and advanced tools to help create impactful campaigns

45. Creators choose YouTube for the freedom it gives them to use cutting-edge innovations to reach billions of people worldwide and make a living doing what they love.

How does YouTube help creators earn a living?

  1. YouTube pays creators according to channel subscriber counts.
  2. YouTube pays creators a set fee for every video they upload.
  3. YouTube pays creators to share ads alongside their content.
  4. YouTube pays creators per 1,000 views of their uploaded videos.

46. Which TrueView ad format is billed on a CPM basis?

  1. TrueView discovery
  2. TrueView for reach
  3. TrueView for action
  4. TrueView in-stream

47. Which statement is true about non-skippable in-stream ads?

  1. Non-skippable in-stream ads are six-second ads that show before a video.
  2. Non-skippable in-stream ads can be bought on target CPM or CPD.
  3. Non-skippable in-stream ads are available on YouTube and advertiser websites.
  4. Non-skippable in-stream ads are available in auction or as a reservation buy.


  1. Non-skippable in-stream ads are available on YouTube and Google Maps.
  2. Non-skippable in-stream ads are six-second ads that show before a video.
  3. Non-skippable in-stream ads are bought on target CPM through Google Ads.
  4. Non-skippable in-stream ads complement TV campaigns and incremental reach.


  1. Non-skippable in-stream ads are available on YouTube and advertiser websites.
  2. Non-skippable in-stream ads are most similar to ads shown on TV.
  3. Non-skippable in-stream ads are six-second ads that show before a video.
  4. Non-skippable in-stream ads are bought on target CPM or CPV through Google Preferred.

48. Of the storytelling methods recommended for YouTube campaigns, which one uses a long-piece format creative ad to deliver a brand’s messaging and shorter ads to reinforce it?

  1. The answer/user/question method
  2. The follow-up storytelling method
  3. The tease, amplify, echo method
  4. The direct-shot storytelling method

49. What are two examples of the Intent audience solution, Life Events? (Choose two.)

Select All Correct Responses

  1. A wedding-planner advertiser who wants to reach people currently researching wedding dresses.
  2. A baking-supply company that wants to reach people in the market for mixers.
  3. A real-estate advertiser who wants to reach people who recently graduated from medical school.
  4. A home-decor advertiser who wants to reach people who recently bought a home.
  5. A fly-fishing advertiser who wants to reach people currently in the market for waders.

50. How can Google’s In-market audience signals help an advertiser connect with their target audience?

  1. By reaching people who have recently experienced a major change in lifestyle.
  2. By reaching people performing searches with the intent to buy or searching for competitive products.
  3. By reaching people based on where they shop or eat.
  4. By reaching people who are subscribed to channels related to their products.


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The maximum validity of the certificate is only 2 years.

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