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Google Analytics Certification Exam Answers

  1. If you have created a Google Analytics 4 property for your mobile app and web site, how would Google Analytics measure and report distinct user interactions?
  2. You want to know what pages new users open most often after opening your home page, so you create a new path exploration in Explore that you plan to share with a co-worker.
  3. You create a report to show the types of devices users have been coming from over the past 30 days — whether they were on computers or mobile phones, for example.
  4. In which of these situations could you use the Engagement overview report in Google Analytics?
  5. You run a small company that has a website as well as an app for iOS and an app for Android. If your objective is to analyze events and users across all three of these, how should you set up your account?
  6. You have a mobile app and want to collect and send data from the app to your Google Analytics 4 property. Which of these should you use?
  7. You created a new option for your users to sign up for a newsletter on your website. You’d like to mark those new sign-up events as conversions, and create a new audience for those users who signed up.
  8. You want to find techniques that go beyond standard reports so that you can uncover deeper insights about customer engagement.
  9. Your website visitors already trigger the page_view event when they view any page on your site, but you want to define a new event to trigger when visitors land on a specific page, like the homepage.
  10. If you managed a blog that featured multiple different writers, what could you use to report the relevant writer’s name on each article page?
  11. Your business has a website and an app, and you would like to analyze user journeys across these two platforms, as well as see how new users are arriving at your website and your app.
  12. You manage a company that installs swimming pools. You post a new how-to-video on your website about proper pool maintenance. Google Analytics has a lot of data about user interactions with this video.
  13. Which attribution model uses machine learning algorithms to distribute credit for a conversion across different touchpoints?
  14. You want to start collecting and reporting insights in Google Analytics for your website.
  15. When enabled, which Analytics feature associates event data it collects from users on their website or app with the Google accounts of signed-in users who have consented to sharing this information?
  16. You’ve been collecting data on your point-of-sale system that could be used in conjunction with data you send to Google Analytics from your website and app.
  17. You’re currently using last-click attribution. Which of these reports would let you see how first-click attribution would value channels and campaigns?
  18. You want to know how various ads you’ve placed work together on the path to conversions.
  19. Which of these Analytics 360 features would you use to filter data and create a new data set for a specific use case or audience?
  20. You manage a retail website and customers arrive from many different places, like search engines, ads, and social media. You’re interested in gaining insight to which of these is driving the most new customers and the most conversions.
  21. You have already set up your web data stream and data is flowing into your Google Analytics property from your website.
  22. Which attribution model distributes the credit for a conversion equally across all the channels a customer clicked or engaged with before converting?
  23. When Google Analytics and Google ads are linked, how can Google Ads utilize conversion events from Google Analytics?
  24. When you’ve enabled Ads Personalization for your property, but want specific events excluded, what happens with the data for those excluded events?
  25. You want to run queries and combine some of your offline data with Analytics data. To do so, you want to export your Google Analytics data to BigQuery.
  26. What’s a key difference between Google Analytics 4 properties and Universal Analytics properties?
  27. What platform can you connect with Analytics in order to get insights into organic search queries that are directing users to your website?
  28. Users are finding and visiting your website from a variety of different places, including search engine results and social media.
  29. What model represents the hierarchical structure of a Google Analytics account?
  30. What data does the Realtime report show?
  31. What can you do with audience triggers?
  32. Which Google Analytics feature uses machine learning to measure conversions that aren’t directly observable?
  33. Which features lets you set the amount of time that event-level and user-level data is stored by Google Analytics?
  34. You want to see the steps your users take toward a key conversion.
  35. When Google Ads is linked to Google Analytics, how can it leverage audiences from Google Analytics?
  36. You work for an online vintage clothing retailer and store data about each of your sales items offline.
  37. If your goal was to connect individual customers’ behavior across different interactions on different platforms and devices, which Analytics feature allows you to do that by associating your own identifiers with individual customers?
  38. You have many events on your website that are very valuable, like when users purchase items or sign up for your newsletter. You would like to mark these events as important and assign a value to these events when they happen.
  39. If you wanted to create new audiences for your eCommerce site through segmentation that made sense for your business — basing it on users who’ve made a purchase, for example — which of these approaches would give you a predictive audience?
  40. You have an event on your website that triggers when users watch a video.
  41. If you wanted to create a new data set with a wide view of your business across brands, products, or regions by combining data from multiple-source properties, which Analytics 360 feature would you use?
  42. Which of these platforms can be connected to Analytics so that you can test variants of your web pages with specifically tailored audiences?
  43. You’re asked to set up a data stream in accordance with setting up Google Analytics.
  44. You are in the Explore section of your Google Analytics property and would like to customize metrics and dimensions in a table format.
  45. If you wanted a custom dimension that reports membership status for a customer rewards program, which of these scopes would be set?
  46. You generate a report to show how many users are coming from various device types, like desktops and mobile phones, over the past 30 days.
  47. You want to find readymade cards that address typical questions about how users are interacting with your app or website. Which section do you go to in order to find this?
  48. You want to see detailed marketing campaign data by linking a new Google Ads account to your Google Analytics property.
  49. What is something you can do with your data when you export your Google Analytics data to BigQuery?
  50. How many days does it take for a property to be permanently deleted once you have deleted it from your Google Analytics account?

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Yes, at the end of the exam, you will be awarded a free certificate when you pass with min score.


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