Google Digital Garage Module 18 Answers – Advertise On Other Websites Answers

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Google Digital Garage Module 18 Answers – Advertise On Other Websites Answers

Google Digital Garage Module 18 Answers – Advertise On Other Websites Answers
Google Digital Garage Answers

Google Digital Garage Module 18 Check Your Knowledge Answers

1. What is display advertising? 

Colin has been running a film review website for his podcasts for the past two years. He’d like to start advertising his site to increase the number of subscribers. To do that he wants to contact some media owners. Who do you think Colin should contact?

  1. A forum for movie fans
  2. Film production agency
  3. An offline business directory
  4. A network that matches businesses with ad space to sell

2. Search advertising vs. display advertising 

To maximise the hits on his website, Colin wants to target two different audiences using both display ads and search advertising. His two target audiences include cinema-goers and home movie watchers. Which type of approach would work for each audience?

  1. Home movie watchers – Create a search ad with keywords based on Colin’s film reviews
  2. Cinema-goers – Place a display ad on a cinema listings site

3. The ins and outs of display advertising 

Colin’s favourite director has launched a new film. Colin has written a review and wants to use it to bring in visitors with a digital campaign. Considering he has a limited budget, which of the website pages would not be ideal for his digital ads?

  1. Filmography page of the director
  2. His friend’s culinary blog
  3. Cinema listings
  4. Local news website

Google Digital Garage Module 18 Quiz Answers

1. If you own a film blog, which type of customer can you expect to reach with display advertising? 

  1. People who use ad-blockers and are interested in your subject
  2. People who haven’t read your blog before but are interested in your subject
  3. Only people who have read your blog previously
  4. Only people interested in films and movies

2. Fill in the blank: The ads on search engines are usually made up of ________. 

  1. Audio
  2. Video
  3. Text
  4. Images

3. When using search engine marketing, where can your ads appear?

  1. Only on search engines
  2. Only on websites
  3. On search engines and websites
  4. On websites and social media

4. When setting up display advertising campaigns, who can you target? 

  1. People with specific names
  2. People who speak different languages
  3. People who already own specific products
  4. People with a specific address 

These are 7 questions that have been asked in Module 18 Of Google Digital Garage Exam and all the answers marked in Green color are correct and the answers marked in Red color are wrong.

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