Google Digital Garage Module 25 Answers – Sell More Online Answers

Are you looking for Google Digital Garage Module 25 Answers? If it’s yes, you will find Sell More Online Answers asked in the Google Garage digital marketing quiz exam here. This article will help you with the Fundamentals of Digital Marketing Answers asked in the Module 25 Quiz.

There is a total of 6 questions, where 3 questions are skippable and 3 are unskippable. The correct answers are marked in Green Color with a tick sign. I have followed this article to pass Module 25 of the Google Digital Garage Quiz, and you can also use these answers as a hint and pass the test.

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Google Digital Garage Module 25 Answers – Sell More Online Answers

Google Digital Garage Module 25 Answers – Sell More Online Answers
Google Digital Garage Answers

Google Digital Garage Module 25 Check Your Knowledge Answers (Skippable)

1. Creating a smooth e-commerce experience

Jo wants to use analytics data and visitor surveys to make some improvements to her e-commerce website, but she only has limited time and budget. What actions could Jo take for each of these findings?

  1. Customers access the shop a lot on mobile – Introduce responsive design
  2. Customers want to find a specific product – Add a search feature
  3. There are lots of website visits but no one is buying the products – Add customer reviews
  4. Repeat customers add products to their cart but are not checking out – Create registration for customer accounts

2. Product promotion and merchandising

Office sets are steady sellers for Jo. How can she suggest office furniture items to customers who might not have considered them yet?

  1. Create a ‘Suggested products’ banner
  2. Use analytics to understand who is visiting the site
  3. Add a video tour of the shop

3. Retargeting for e-commerce 

Jo has noticed that some of her customers leave her site without making a purchase. She’s set up some product retargeting ads, and wants to measure the performance of her campaign. What parameters should she look at to see if she’s attracting potential customers?

  1. Conversion rates
  2. Number of people clicking on each ad type
  3. Comments on her social media profile
  4. How many pages visitors check before they leave the site

Google Digital Garage Module 25 Quiz Answers (Unskippable)

1. Which of the following is a sign that customers are having trouble using a particular device to make purchases? 

  1. Analytics shows you have a lot of mobile visitors, but very few purchases through mobile
  2. A specific product is not selling much compared to your other products
  3. You get a lot of questions about your return policy
  4. People are having trouble using a promo code for a current sale

2. What is an example of product merchandising? 

  1. Running an ad for your products
  2. Adding a way for customers to filter your products
  3. Displaying very specific, featured products on your home page
  4. Cross-selling products in the checkout process

3. Which of the following statements is true when describing how retargeting ads work? 

  1. Retargeting ads are visible to people who haven’t been on your website yet
  2. Once a user visits your site, the code drops an anonymous browser cookie
  3. Once your customer purchases, you can not turn off the retargeting ad
  4. Retargeting will always drive customers to your site

Google Digital Garage Module 25 FAQ

What is Google Digital Garage?

Google Digital Garage is an online free course by google where you can learn lots of things about the fundamentals of digital marketing, and it also helps you make your online businesses visible to more customers with fewer investments.

Are These Answers Correct?

Yes, all these answers are 100% correct.

Are These Answers Updated?

Yes, these answers are up to date with the latest questions.

How To Enroll In Google Digital Garage Free Course?

Click here to Visit the course instruction page, follow all the procedures step-by-step, and you will be able to get this free course and certificate.

Will I get a free certificate?

After finishing the final exam, you will be awarded a free certificate in Digital Marketing.

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