Google Digital Garage Module 8 Answers – Make Search Work For You Answers

Are you looking for Google Digital Garage Module 8 Answers? If yes, here are Make Search Work For You Answers Asked in the Google Digital marketing module 8. This article will help you with the Fundamentals of Digital Marketing Module 8 Exam Answers in the easiest ways. I have followed this article to pass Module 8 of the Google Digital Garage Quiz and you can also use it as a guide.

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Google Digital Garage Module 8 Answers – Make Search Work For You Answers

Google Digital Garage Module 8 Answers – Make Search Work For You Answers

  1. Michelle is a wedding photographer in Cardiff. She wants to use search engine marketing to bring customers to her website. Where will her website appear if she uses search engine marketing?
  2. Michelle has created some adverts to promote her wedding photography business in Cardiff. She wants her adverts to align with the keywords ‘wedding photographer Cardiff discount’, as she’s offering 25% off at the moment.
  3. To increase her Quality Score, Michelle is thinking about the best keywords and phrases to use.
  4. Michelle is writing her search ad for her wedding photography business. She wants to make sure it stands out.
  5. Search engine marketing can also be called what?
  6. In an SEM auction, your Quality Score is based on which aspect of your ad?
  7. Fill in the blank: It’s possible to determine how well a/an ___________ will perform without bidding on it.
  8. What should your search ad have in order to promote more clicks?

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Google Digital Garage Module 8 FAQ

What is Google Digital Garage?

Google Digital Garage is an online free course by Google where you can learn lots of things about the fundamentals of digital marketing. It also helps you take your online businesses visible to more customers with fewer investments.

Are These Answers Correct?

Yes, all these answers are 100% correct.

Are These Answers Updated?

Yes, these answers are up to date with the latest questions.

Will I get a free certificate?

After finishing the final exam, you will be awarded a free certificate in Digital Marketing.


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