Optimize performance in Search Ads 360 Assessment Answers [Updated]

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Optimize performance in Search Ads 360 Assessment Answers

  1. Surf-N-Board sells a lot of boards in-store and they want to make sure their offline data is taken into account for optimization efforts. What’s a best practice for working with offline data?
  2. Betsy wants to make sure there aren’t any glaring issues with one of her bid strategies. Where can she get a quick glimpse of the status in DoubleClick Search?
  3. Knowing that DinoWorld park tickets tend to have a long conversion funnel, Johanna wants to give equal credit to every click that kept the user’s interest prior to purchasing tickets. Which model would she use to see credit assigned in this way?
  4. Debbie is excited to plan budgets directly in DoubleClick Search. What is a best practice to help her get started?
  5. SuperCoolKicks wants to see which landing page experience is best for users who have clicked the Cool Kicks sneaker ads. What best practice should they follow while they’re running this test?
  6. Lucy wants to get an idea of how her bid strategy would perform with a 10 percent increase of weekly spend, without risking her budget. What feature in DoubleClick Search could help Lucy out?
  7. Which attribution model uses Floodlight data from both converting and non-converting users?
  8. Mario has a tight budget for his campaign and wants to make sure his targeting is set up to get him the best ROI possible. What feature can Mario set up in DoubleClick Search to automatically detect high-performing geographic areas?
  9. Bert wants to make sure his bid strategies aren’t optimizing for $3 sticker purchases instead of the $500 skis. How can he set this up in DoubleClick Search?
  10. What is one benefit of using the sitelink extension?
  11. Sometimes campaign structure doesn’t match reporting needs. What can you use to create reports that reflect your lines of business, irrespective of the campaign structure?
  12. Matt has run so many reports he’s having trouble figuring out what to pay attention to and what steps to take. What best practice could you give Matt?
  13. Jerry wants DoubleClick to automatically adjust keyword bids based on the dollar value of Ultimate SnowShoes products that users have researched. What feature allows him to do this?
  14. Which of the below is a benefit of DoubleClick Search Budget Management?
  15. Jane is making adjustments to her cost per action (CPA) target every day and is frustrated that DoubleClick Search seems to always be calibrating. Why does this keep happening to Jane?

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Yes, these Optimize performance in Search Ads 360 Assessment answers are 100% correct.

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Yes, all these questions are the latest ones to improve your experience. I keep updating the article with the latest answers.

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Yes, at the end of the exam, you will be awarded a free certificate when you pass with min score.


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