How To Build a Recommendation Engine Free Course With Certificate?

How To Build a Recommendation Engine Free Course With Certificate?: Dear readers here I have brought a free course on the most trending topic called Recommendation Engine, In this free, you will learn how to build your own Recommendation Engine In Python using Apriori Algorithm with a free certificate.

If you want to know what is the course and how you can enroll in this program for free and also get a free certificate. Not only that if you want you can also enroll in even more free courses like this which are very much amazing. But first, let me tell you what is Recommendation Engine?

What Is a Recommendation Engine?

Recommendation Engine is a type of engine where if you type any term on the internet, then every social media platforms start delivering similar content to you according to your previous searches so that you watch it.

Many platforms use this to make money by displaying advertisements to their audience and once they click on the ad the platform makes money. This advertisement is in big amount so they make an enormous amount of money.

Suppose you have searched for Stock Market on any platform you will start getting recommendations for Stock Market on whatever platform you visit. or Suppose if you have searched for Life Insurance then you will start seeing advertisements for Life Insurance, Banks, etc.

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This process is called recommendation and if you can create such a recommendation engine for yourself and made it viral then it can change your life.

How To Build a Recommendation Engine Free Course With Certificate?

Curriculum for this course

This is curriculum of the course and I have also mentioned the duration of each module.

  • Introduction Recommendation Engine in Python
    • How to Build Recommendation Engine in Python using Apriori (00:22:00)
  • Capstone Projects
    • Recommendation System for Grocery Store using Python Apriori Algorithm (00:14:49)
    • Market Basket Analysis/Optimization in Python using Apriori Algorithm (00:18:27)
  • Download Dataset and Jupyter Notebook
    • Dataset and Notebook

Course Details

  • Requirement: Python
  • 00:55:16 Hours On-demand videos
  • 4 Lessons
  • Full lifetime access
  • Access on mobile and tv
  • Trainer: Karan Arora
  • Provider: Itronix Solutions

How To Enroll In Build a Recommendation Engine Free Course?

  • Click Here To Visit Course Page
  • Click On Sign Up
  • Fill Your Details & Complete The Sign-Up Process
  • Click Here To Visit the Course Page
  • Tap On Get Enrolled
  • Start The Training For Watching Each Module

This is how you can enroll in the “Build a Recommendation Engine Free Course“. Once the course is completed you will be awarded a free certificate by Itronix Solutions, and this course is accessible for a lifetime so you can watch whenever you want to.


I hope this article would be useful for you to download the app. If this article helped you in any way then make sure to share it with all your friends who want to learn such a thing and create their own Recommendation engine on their computer. We have published more free courses so make sure to check them out whenever you get time.

Happy Learning!

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