Shopping ads Certification Exam Answers [Updated]

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CourseShopping ads Certification

Shopping ads Certification Assessment Answers

Shopping ads Certification Exam Answers [Updated]

Prepare for the certification (Optional)

Knowledge Check Assessment Answers (7 Questions)

1. Local Inventory Ads allow retailers to promote their in-store inventory and drive shoppers to their brick-and-mortar stores.

  1. True
  2. False

2. What can Local Catalog Ads do?

Select All Correct Responses

  1. Reach mobile shoppers
  2. Drive store visits
  3. Promote store deals
  4. All of the above

3. Which of the following is something retailers shouldn’t do in a shifting retail landscape?

  1. Accelerate by making data the foundation of everything they do
  2. Connect with customers anywhere and everywhere they are in a brand-first way
  3. Provide minimal information to simply things
  4. Remove friction to drive action

4. Showcase Shopping ads allow a retailer to engage people early in the purchase journey, when they’re discovering what to buy and where to buy it. Where do Showcase Shopping ads generally appear?

  1. Any shopping queries
  2. Broader queries
  3. Local intent queries
  4. Long-tail or specific queries

5. Smart Shopping campaigns simplify campaign management by automating which of the following?

Select All Correct Responses

  1. Ad creation
  2. Targeting
  3. Bidding
  4. All of the above

6. True or false? Shopping ads use product data to determine how and where to show ads.

  1. True
  2. False

7. True or false? Shopping campaigns can help promote online and local inventory.

  1. True
  2. False

Shopping ads Certification Exam Answers

Shopping ads Certification Assessment Answers

Total Questions50
Duration75 Minutes
Pass %80% or More
RetakeAfter 24hr
Pause ExamNo

Pass the assessment and earn a certification (Complete Required)

1. Why does automating your bid versus using manual bidding contribute to a successful Google Ads campaign?

  1. User intent and likelihood to complete valuable actions for your business do not vary based on location, time, or device.
  2. If you do not bid efficiently, you could miss valuable conversions.
  3. The customer journey has become more complex and therefore bids should be based on general user behavior.
  4. The appropriate bid can often be a static target that is challenging to reach.

2. Which product attributes in Shopping campaign ads are important for giving shoppers the most meaningful information needed, all at a single glance?

  1. Video footage, brand name, and shipping time
  2. Product image, shipping time, and store name
  3. Price, brand name, and video footage
  4. Image, price, product name, and merchant name


  1. Brand name, product price, and video footage
  2. Product image, stock level, and video
  3. Brand name, product video, and price comparison
  4. Product image, price, and store name

3. Why should your business use Performance Planner?

  1. It helps businesses determine a go-to-market strategy.
  2. It is the only ad budgeting software on the market.
  3. It makes recommendations that are validated using machine learning.
  4. It validates budgets against other vendors in the same market.

4. What are two ways Google Ads reporting for Shopping campaigns help monitor how your products are performing at many levels of granularity? (Choose two.)

Select All Correct Responses

  1. By helping you identify growth opportunities with impression-share data.
  2. By providing suggested retail prices for your products based on market analysis.
  3. By ensuring your ads automatically respond to personal events, such as birthdays.
  4. By using benchmarking data to get insights into your market’s business landscape.
  5. By providing third-party tools that can help you obtain impression-share data.

5. Trevor owns a manufacturing business that makes specialized hiking and rock climbing gear. He is a very small player in the market, but he is ready to scale up his business.

Which Google Ads campaign type should Trevor use to increase his brand’s exposure and reach audiences with interests in hiking and rock climbing across the web?

  1. Video
  2. Search
  3. Display
  4. Shopping

6. Where can Shopping campaign ads appear on desktop search results pages?

  1. Only at the top and bottom of search results.
  2. Only at the top of the search results.
  3. At any position within the search results.
  4. Only at the top or to the right of search results.

7. If Klothes for Kats uses Local Catalog ads, their ads can be shown in different views. Which two statements are true about views that are available in Local Catalog ads? (Choose two.)

Select All Correct Responses

  1. Product view, where potential customers can see recent purchases made by existing customers.
  2. Main view, where consumers can quickly see key information about Klothes for Kats.
  3. Map view, where potential customers can find Klothes for Kats’ brick-and-mortar location.
  4. Main view, where potential customers can find directions to Klothes for Kats.
  5. Product view, where potential customers can see a particular cat dress available from multiple vendors.

8. Your company wants to have greater success online. What are two ways that Google Ads can drive your business goals? (Choose two.)

Select All Correct Responses

  1. Coach your company to fully move to an online-only presence.
  2. Boost your conversions by connecting you to people in the moments that matter.
  3. Help you reach a wider audience and maximize exposure.
  4. Cap the number of ads you pay for, based on your business.
  5. Place your business’s ads on every available search engine.

9. BetsysBookBar is a book store and cafe that’s had a brick-and-mortar location for years. They’re looking at ways to move into online marketing, and want to optimize their experience with Google ads.

What are two options for using Local Inventory ads that are available to BetsysBookBar? (Choose two.)

Select All Correct Responses

  1. Upload a product list from an Excel spreadsheet.
  2. Use a Google-hosted local storefront.
  3. Select an online ad from a similar business and recreate it.
  4. Use a Bing-hosted local storefront.
  5. Create a customized merchant-hosted local storefront.

10. George wants to advertise online, but his profit margins are tight. He’s worried the spend won’t provide the income he needs.

How can Smart Shopping campaigns help George get the results he needs?

  1. George can set a target return for any amount of spend.
  2. George can buy a permanent ad slot on a website for a fixed cost.
  3. George can opt to only pay for clicked ads.
  4. George can use Google’s stock photos in his product ads.

11. What can automated bidding help an advertiser improve?

  1. Calls-to-action
  2. Languages
  3. Competition
  4. Performance

12. How do Smart Shopping campaigns work to maximize conversion value while simplifying campaign management across networks, leveraging machine learning?

  1. By automatically optimizing web-page optimization for searches.
  2. By automatically optimizing special offers for selected products.
  3. By automatically optimizing daily spend, based on trend data.
  4. By automatically optimizing bids, audiences, and products displayed.

13. Three core principles, focused on helping businesses reach their online potential, are the foundation for Google Ads. The first of these is relevance. Google Ads connects businesses with the right people at the right time.

Upon which other principles was Google Ads built?

  1. Profit and privacy
  2. Options and tracking
  3. Credits and context
  4. Control and results

14. Viktor’s been tracking the conversions in his Display campaign for the last 30 days. He’s had 24 conversions over that time, and plans to use target return on ad spend (ROAS) as his automated bidding strategy.

Which type of automated bidding strategy will Viktor be using?

  1. Consideration-focused bidding
  2. Revenue-focused bidding
  3. Awareness-based bidding
  4. Conversion-focused bidding

15. Today’s consumers are more demanding and less patient than before.

What’s one way to grow your business by delivering the type of service they expect?

  1. Provide a seamless experience, using data to connect and personalize content.
  2. Make sure all products sold online are delivered the next day.
  3. Make sure your prices are the lowest, via frequent comparison with other vendors.
  4. Provide a mobile app that lets customers quickly repeat previous purchases.

16. Cheryl owns HomeThings, a shop that sells home goods. You, as her marketing intern, are describing the various Google Ad offerings.

What’s an accurate description of Local Catalog ads you could give Cheryl?

  1. They use brand ambassadors to promote less popular products.
  2. They automatically adjust pricing based on geographic location.
  3. They’re mobile-based ads that showcase multiple products.
  4. They’re traditional print-marketing materials delivered by mail.

17. Jodi creates custom hair pieces. She just launched her first online advertising campaign, and it included a Showcase Shopping ad.

Where will Jodi’s Showcase Shopping ad be featured?

  1. In print materials that contain ads from other hair accessory brands.
  2. In a sidebar on the website for other hair accessory brands.
  3. On a mobile Google search for “cute hair accessories” in the sidebar.
  4. At the top of a Google search for “cute hair accessories.”

18. Marta has a tight marketing budget and needs to use a strategy that can drive customers to her website for a set cost.

Which bidding strategy has the potential to meet Marta’s needs?

  1. Target return on ad spend (Target ROAS)
  2. Target cost-per-acquisition (tCPA)
  3. Maximize clicks
  4. Target impression share

19. Which statement describes modern shopping behavior?

  1. People are buying more often, and more items each time.
  2. People are buying less often, but more items each time.
  3. People are buying more often, but fewer items each time.
  4. People are buying less often, and fewer items each time.

20. For which business are Local Inventory ads ideal?

  1. Noah’s Designs, a made-to-order custom furniture shop with an online storefront
  2. Flowers by Beth, a floral shop that just opened a brick-and-mortar location
  3. TheArtSpace, a gallery that hosts potential customers by appointment
  4. QuikFixx, a start-up selling downloadable software to remove computer viruses

21. Julia owns a used video game store. She’s been using Google Shopping ads for a few months.

Which two forms of data are easily available for Julia to continue optimizing the performance of her campaigns? (Choose two.)

Select All Correct Responses

  1. The number of clicks for each specific product
  2. The average age of consumers viewing each specific product
  3. Benchmark data for comparisons across the competitive landscape
  4. Expected revenue for campaigns at various costs

22. Which type of automated bidding strategy is target cost-per-acquisition (CPA)?

  1. Conversion-focused bidding
  2. Revenue-focused bidding
  3. Awareness-based bidding
  4. Consideration-focused bidding

23. Peter has a new online store selling electric bikes. He wants to promote his business by using a simple solution that provides a wide reach for his products.

How can Smart Shopping campaigns help Peter with his sales?

  1. By showing his ads in unrelated searches to attract new customers
  2. By promoting only his best-selling products
  3. By sending him a daily email listing recommendations for change
  4. By automating his ad bids so he gets the best value

24. Using the Performance Planner on a monthly basis allows you to optimize which two aspects of an account? (Choose two.)

Select All Correct Responses

  1. Ads
  2. Ad extensions
  3. Budgets
  4. Keywords
  5. Bids

25. What are two benefits of automated bidding? (Choose two.)

Select All Correct Responses

  1. Guaranteed results
  2. Competitive analysis
  3. Cross analysis
  4. Time saving
  5. Higher CPAs

26. Courtney sells handbags through her online boutique. Her online normal campaigns have produced a lot of clicks but not as many sales as she expected.

How would Google Shopping ads help make sure the clicks the ads receive come from customers more interested in her products?

  1. By including a product demonstration that entices consumers
  2. By showing ads more frequently than other campaign types
  3. By appearing in more page positions than other ads
  4. By providing product details to attract better qualified leads

27. Laura’s website data shows that visitors place items in their shopping carts but fail to complete the purchase.

What should Laura do first to up her conversion rate?

  1. Make sure her checkout page is live and that purchases can be completed.
  2. Test a new brand identity and color scheme.
  3. Offer discounts to keep consumers from making their purchases elsewhere.
  4. Ask for an email address from visitors so she can reach out with additional marketing.

28. Google Ads offers a variety of campaign types which determine where your ad will appear and the format in which it will be displayed.

What are the available campaign types?

  1. Search, Print, TV, Shopping, and App
  2. Search, Display, Video, Shopping, and App
  3. Social, Video, App, Audio, and Shopping Ads
  4. Search, Display, Video, Print, and App

29. What is one way that Performance Planner helps businesses increase sales?

  1. By relying on customer feedback for optimal ad placement
  2. By choosing ad types that your target demographic finds most appealing
  3. By maximizing the number of conversions for a spend scenario
  4. By providing a discount on all ads after purchasing a license

30. What can the Performance Planner assist you with?

  1. To determine which Google Ads features should be enabled to get the best performance from your campaigns
  2. To improve return on investment so you can drive more conversions within your target CPA (cost-per-acquisition)
  3. To analyze the search term report and add both keywords and negative keywords, depending on historical performance
  4. To create an optimized copy of your existing campaign, so that it can be tested with the drafts and experiments tool

31. Rashid wants to raise awareness of his brand and build campaigns focused on branded terms. He does not have much time to devote to daily bid management, so he decided to use automated bidding to lighten his workload.

Which automated bidding strategy should Rashid consider using?

  1. Target impression share
  2. Maximize conversions
  3. Enhanced cost-per-click (eCPC)
  4. Target return on ad spend (Target ROAS)

32. Susan is the marketing director for a chain of bakeries that make artisan bread. She recently did a photoshoot of the company’s line of breads, and is looking for an online advertising solution to promote their brand.

Why are Showcase Shopping ads the right choice for Susan?

  1. They place ads with photos embedded in unrelated searches to increase awareness of Susan’s shop.
  2. They give Susan the opportunity to inspire customers through beautiful lifestyle images and custom copy.
  3. They appear as full-page ads when a potential customer uses the phrase “artisan bread.”
  4. They generate discount codes as a potential customer clicks a photo.

33. What’s one way to make good use of data to accelerate your business and improve profitability?

  1. Create informative spreadsheets for regular meetings.
  2. Offer discount vouchers to those who’ve bought from similar stores.
  3. Create personalized product recommendations.
  4. Send out birthday and holiday gifts to previous customers.

34. You use Google Shopping ads to promote customer engagement with your products.

How can this increase your business’s presence in searches?

  1. Shopping ads may contain several videos showing how to use your products, along with detailed descriptions of your products’ value.
  2. Multiple Shopping ads for the same product will be repeated as a potential customer scrolls through a website, reinforcing your products’ value.
  3. Shopping ads let more than one of your products be shown for a given search, and a text ad for your products could appear at the same time.
  4. Several Shopping ads will be displayed for your products based on specific categories potential customers have selected.

35. What’s one unique feature of Local Catalog ads?

  1. They use data from Local Inventory ads.
  2. Their presentation can vary depending on which device a consumer uses.
  3. They’re equipped with both audio and visual content.
  4. They integrate across local electronic billboards, and then extend worldwide.

36. How can Smart Shopping campaigns make promoting your business less time-consuming and easier to manage?

  1. By automatically uploading product details from manufacturers’ websites.
  2. By having Smart Shopping campaigns use simple setup templates.
  3. By automating bid optimization and audience targeting.
  4. By e-mailing daily summary reports to business owners.

37. Chris is the marketing director for Keys & Strings, a company that makes custom pianos. Keys & Strings sells their pianos through their website, and has a small but loyal customer base. Chris is tasked with increasing the size of Keys & Strings’ customer base.

Why is a Showcase Shopping ad the right choice for Chris?

  1. It directs potential customers to a brick-and-mortar store near them.
  2. It shows products early in the search process, to help customers discover your brand while customers are looking for what to buy.
  3. It includes only the lowest-priced product for the search term, which drives new clicks.
  4. It uses A/B testing functionality to test a variety of different ads, to help customer discover your brand while looking for what to buy.

38. How is using non-last-click attribution conversions useful for Performance Planner forecasts?

  1. To allocate budgets that drive incremental conversions
  2. To identify the most profitable location targeting
  3. To find growth opportunities regarding device targeting
  4. To take advantage of seasonal trends throughout the year

39. Which two features, available as additions to Shopping Campaign ads, can benefit marketers and drive sales? (Choose two.)

Select All Correct Responses

  1. Merchant auto-text response
  2. Merchant live chat
  3. Merchant promotions
  4. Clothing size guide
  5. Google customer reviews

40. Ben sells homemade artisan soaps at a mall kiosk called Fresh Soaps. He’s considering running a Local Inventory ad with Google.

What unique type of information would Ben’s Local Inventory ad show?

  1. Local consumer ratings
  2. Product origination
  3. In-store coupon codes
  4. Brick-and-mortar location

41. How do product images and prices contribute to a seamless shopping experience in Shopping Ads?

  1. Potential customers can choose a specific product color before clicking the ad.
  2. The combination of price and image lets customers judge the quality of the product.
  3. Potential customers can quickly see whether the product fits their expectations.
  4. People click on ads with images more often than plain text ads.

42. Hank wants to use a “Maximize Conversions” campaign with the Performance Planner.

Which recommendation can be provided to Hank by the Performance Planner?

  1. A recommended Campaign-level Target ROAS (return-on-ad-spend)
  2. A recommended Campaign-level Target CPA (cost-per-acquisition)
  3. A recommended average daily budget
  4. Recommended campaign bid scaling

43. A single branch of Simpson Shoes has been operating since 1917. They recently ran their first online ad and after its launch the owner wanted to see the ad online.

Where should the owner search to find his Local Inventory ad?

  1. When he is nearby Simpson Shoes using Google Maps to navigate.
  2. When he is nearby Simpson Shoes searching online for an in-stock style.
  3. On a billboard near the entrance to Simpson Shoes shop.
  4. In the sidebar during a search for Simpson Shoes shop hours.

44. The website for your retail business is receiving a lot of visitors, but few of them are looking at more than one page.

What’s most likely to be the problem?

  1. Your website is too slow to load quickly on mobile devices.
  2. There are too many reader-pleasing images on your landing page.
  3. Your website doesn’t have a blog page to attract multiple page loads.
  4. Your navigation menu is not descriptive enough.

45. Trina is using automated bidding as part of her Google Ads Search bidding strategy.

Why might she prefer automated bidding?

  1. Location targeting is not decided by machine learning.
  2. Machine learning will choose the keywords used to serve her ads to users.
  3. Machine learning helps her set the appropriate bid for each and every auction.
  4. Machine learning will choose an ad schedule for campaigns without her input.

46. You’ve been tasked with marketing a new line of plumbing services, but you have a set budget you can’t exceed.

Why is Google Ads a viable option?

  1. Google Ads offers separate auctions for low budgets.
  2. Google Ads gives you control over your budget.
  3. Google Ads guarantees phone calls to your business.
  4. Google Ads allows you to cap the number of ads you pay for, based on your business.

47. OfficeKing is a well-established business that’s been using print ads for their office-supply store for years.

How can Local Catalog ads help OfficeKing?

  1. Local Catalog ads promote products, using famous brand ambassadors.
  2. Local Catalog ads add a fresh new layer to the OfficeKing weekly mailer.
  3. Local Catalog ads provide new ways for customers to receive support.
  4. Local Catalog ads can extend OfficeKing’s ad reach outside the mailbox.

48. A single branch of Simpson Shoes has been operating since 1917. As they consider moving into online marketing, the owner, Bert Simpson, wants to focus on a specific, potential customer type.

Which potential customer would benefit from Simpson Shoes running a Local Inventory ad?

  1. Jenna, who wants to purchase a pair of shoes from her hometown Simpson Shoes store while studying abroad.
  2. Brandon, who does an online search for men’s shoes near the Simpson Shoes store because he needs a pair of dress shoes for an event this evening.
  3. Marty, who often takes weeks to decide on a purchase and decides where to buy her shoes based on which coupons are available.
  4. Paul, who’s looking for the cheapest pair of shoes regardless of location or discounts, because they’ll be used for gardening.

49. What’s one way to create a seamless experience for your retail customers?

  1. Provide a discount for returning visitors.
  2. Create a landing page that displays the most popular products bought each day.
  3. Send e-mails to all previous visitors, offering free gifts.
  4. Make sure that items added to a cart are saved for later visits.

50. A single branch of Shiny Shoes has been operating across North America since 1917. A new marketing team member suggested they look into Local Inventory ads. The owner, Tim, is concerned about where potential customers might see the ad.

Where can Tim expect consumers to find his Local Inventory ads?

  1. On a billboard anywhere in North America
  2. In a Google search from a device anywhere in North America
  3. In Google search from a device within 30 miles (48 km) of a Shiny Shoes location
  4. On a radio station anchored within 30 miles (48 km) of a Shiny Shoe’s location


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