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System Design: Crack the most asked System Design Interview questions for SDE or Architect job with this 6-week program to give you an experience in designing, developing, and maintaining scalable systems.

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CourseSystem Design
Suitable forIntermediate to Advance
Duration36+ Hours
Available onGeeksforGeeks

Course Overview

System Design, is all about determining the necessary components and their communication with each other & external systems to create a reliable, available, consistent, and efficient system while deciding on the capacity and capabilities of the system.

Through this course get mentored by industry experts having first-hand experience in designing, developing, and maintaining scalable systems.

What You Will Learn?

  • What is System Design, Interviews, How to apply for jobs, and more
  • Requirement Analysis and Data Modelling
  • Designing components and trade-offs in large-scale system
  • Load Balancing, SSL, and Reverse Proxy
  • Web Sockets, Monoliths, and Microservices
  • Facebook Messenger design using web sockets 
  • CDN, Caching, and Design Problems
  • DNS, HTTPS working, Zookeeper,
  • Real-world example questions like the system design of Uber, Twitter, etc.
  • Handling massive data, data partitioning, sharding, replication, etc
  • Check out the Complete Syllabus below for all topics and syllabus

How to Enroll in GeeksforGeeks System Design?

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Step 2: Click on Enroll button available below
Step 3: Apply the GeeksforGeeks discount promo code (COURSESANSWER, GFGANSWER, COUGFGIPL)
Step 4: Complete the procedure
Step 5: Finish the payment process (for the free course no need to make any payment)

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