Top 3 FREE Coding Platforms To Learn & Practice

Coding is becoming the most demanding education for students in the current period, and the price of coding classes are too much that a middle class family can’t afford whereas there are a few platforms who charge ₹1,50,000+ for coding and tech nothing than shits.

That’s why to being on the safe side here I’m listing the top 3 free coding platforms where you can learn coding in a pro way and if you want certification you can also get a certificate after passing their test but learning and practicing everything is completely free and even you are not asked to enter any of your card or bank details.

3 Best FREE Coding Platforms (Learn & Practice Online)

Top 3 FREE Coding Platforms To Learn & Practice
Top 3 FREE Coding Platforms To Learn & Practice

You can find hundreds of platforms that offer coding knowledge for free and they are very good also. But here I’m listing only 3 which are outstanding, in future I will try to add more so you can also bookmark this page.

Let us have a look one by one.

1. GeeksforGeeks: A computer science portal for geeks

GeeksforGeeks: A computer science portal for geeks (FREE Coding Platforms )

It is free internet resource to find tons of knowledge about computer, programming, and many other stuffs related to technology & softwares.

GeeksforGeeks also offers some courses which are absolutely free of cost. Personally I use this for solving my issues whenever I have any error or issue while coding.

This is not only for coding there are lot of knowledgeable Stuffs which are just amazing and that can help you to build a better career in the field of technology.

At GeeksforGeeks everyone solve their issues Related to programming and sometimes it helps to complete our college projects. It is helping all the students from very long period and their UX has improved a lot these days.

2. W3Schools: Online Web Tutorials

W3Schools: Online Web Tutorials (FREE Coding Platforms )

It is one of the oldest websites that helps to learn almost all the programming knowledege with details and most appropriate example along with a free editor to practice and code.

Whatever you code you can visualize in the next window available to you just by clicking on the run button.

Best thing about W3Schools is that it also provides a certificate if you join their premium plan. In that plan you have to give the test exam and if you passed it you will awarded with a certificate.

3. CodePen: Online Code Editor and Front End Web Developer Community

CodePen: Online Code Editor and Front End Web Developer Community (FREE Coding Platforms )

If you want some crazyness with beautifully designed editor then nothing can be better than the editor of CodePen. This gives you the real experience of coding with the beautiful graphics.

CodePen is a three in one code editor where you get the option to code HTML, CSS & JavaScript at once, and whatever you code gets displayed in realtime in the panel available at the bottom so you don’t need to run each code one by one.

Suppose if you have code something and you don’t want to loose it you can also create an account on it to save all the stuffs that you have coded.


I’m assuming that these 3 platforms would be very much useful for you make your coding journey easier and help you to give you better experience in the field of programming. If this article really helped you and you want more like this then make sure you are going to share it on social media with all your friends who want to learn code and don’t have money to invest in premium programs as they can take the help of these free coding platforms.

Happy Coding!

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