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YouTube Content Ownership Answers

  1. What is a benefit of managing your content with SFTP or the Aspera Dropbox solution?
  2. What is a prerequisite to using SFTP or the Aspera Dropbox delivery method?
  3. When should you seek permission to use copyrighted work?
  4. Which kind of content is eligible as a Content ID reference file?
  5. Which accurately describes how copyright applies to a cover song?
  6. What is a method to create a reference file from a new or unclaimed video?
  7. Which of the following types of content should NEVER be enabled for matching?
  8. How does YouTube handle valid infringement notifications from copyright owners?
  9. What legal protection applies to brand names, mottos, and logos?
  10. What is the benefit of a default upload policy?
  11. An automated Content ID claim is made for a user-uploaded video, and the user who uploaded the video disputes the claim. As the copyright owner of the video, what option would you choose if you no longer wish to assert your rights on the disputed content?
  12. How can an administrator exercise control over whether users can see revenue reports?
  13. Which of the following is an asset type?
  14. What are the implications of having the wrong match policy or no policy set on your assets?
  15. Two partners have a reference overlap. What happens if the second partner to deliver the reference file selects “Assert Exclusive Rights”?
  16. In order to claim uploaded videos, what is the first step in the Content ID workflow for a partner, after verifying rights?
  17. Which metric can provide the best insights into channel performance?
  18. Which of the following things can be protected by copyright?
  19. What option is available to all copyright owners to request removal of infringing content?
  20. How does YouTube help manage the rights for content you upload to the platform?
  21. Someone at your company is unfamiliar with how YouTube defines the term “asset.” How would you describe it to them?
  22. If you need advice on an issue related to copyright law, whom should you ask?
  23. A partner hosts a YouTube talk show called “Cat Chat.” One episode consists of the host’s 10-minute interview with a veterinarian, followed by a 5-minute reel of viral cat videos that were uploaded to YouTube by other users. The partner obtained a commercial use license from the uploaders to use their cat videos on “Cat Chat.” The “Cat Chat” host now wishes to use Content ID to monetize clips from the show. The partner should…
  24. Your company has given another party the right to use your content in their videos. How would you prevent an automated Content ID claim from happening on their channel?
  25. What three metrics can help you assess performance?
  26. Which accurately describes how copyright applies to a remix or mashup?
  27. What are you allowed to do with content on YouTube that has a Creative Commons license?
  28. What is an effective strategy for avoiding copyright issues on YouTube?
  29. What feature or filter can help you investigate why two videos of the same length have different audience retention metrics?
  30. You’ve delivered a reference file that contains identical audio, video, or audiovisual material as a reference file previously delivered by another partner. What is the result?
  31. How would you explain a policy to a partner who wants to control their content on YouTube?
  32. Which watch time report will tell you where on the web viewers are watching your content?
  33. What do you need to use somebody’s copyrighted work in your video?
  34. How would you specify which types of advertisements YouTube displays for a video?
  35. A user disputes a claim, after which you review the video and decide it should be removed from YouTube for using your copyrighted content. What happens if you select “takedown” on this disputed claim?
  36. If a content owner deactivates a reference file, it will:
  37. A user disputes a claim, citing fair use/dealing guidelines. What happens if you select “Release” on this disputed claim?
  38. A copyright takedown has been retracted by the copyright owner. What happens as a result?
  39. A user disputes a claim, because the matched segment actually comes from public domain footage. What happens when you select “Release and Exclude” on this disputed claim?
  40. Imagine you have a library of video content that you want to manage on YouTube. What steps would you take to protect your content on YouTube?
  41. What form of expression is subject to copyright?
  42. What is a reason to update assets if your ownership rights change in some territories?
  43. Imagine a copyright takedown notice was mistakenly issued for content uploaded to YouTube. Which party may retract the notice?
  44. What is an asset composed of?
  45. How can content owners benefit from copyright management on YouTube?
  46. What should you do if you find a YouTube video showing harmful or dangerous acts?
  47. A partner chooses to reinstate a Content ID claim after it has been disputed by a user. The user appeals the reinstatement of the claim. What happens next?
  48. What happens if a disputed claim is left in your queue for more than 30 days?
  49. After how many days does a pending claim expire?

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